Posted by: guinness222 | March 31, 2009

A new “intelligent” solution!!!

 A friend sent me an e-mail with a comment that “This guy should be in Congress”. I chuckled expecting to find another sort of lame slam on things,….BUT this one made some real sense. Follow me here, and I apologize to the original author as this has “made the rounds”

      Common Sense was the name of a pamphletfrom the Revolutionary war period (that’s Us against the British, circa 1776 for you finely educated young people of our “don’t hurt theirfeelings” educational system) it was written by a guy named Thomas Paine, but I digress. Here is the solution, and I think we need to send this to every politician you know of in this country. And it costs a lotless than all this “stimulus crap”

     It appeared in the St. Petersburg Times Newspaper in response to the Business Section asking readers for solutions to our overall economic dilemma, and this author NAILED  it!!!

   Dear Mr. President. 

    Subject: Patriotic Retirement

    There are about 40 million people over the age of 50 in the work force – Pay them each a $1,000,000.00 government severance pay package with the following stipulations;

         #1 – They MUST leave thier jobs. Forty Million Job Openings – “Unemployment fixed – Retirement Accounts fixed”
        #2 – They MUST buy at least one NEW American made Car. Forty million cars ordered – “Auto Industry fixed” (at least sufficiently enough for them to plan an intelligent “reset”of their business in two years and implement it.

        #3 – They must either buy a house or pay off their mortgage – “Housing Crisis Fixed ”
If more money is needed, have all members of Congress pay their taxes or resign.

      Brilliant!!!!! Where do I sign up?
    I started to think about it and you know how much sense it makes? I’m 64 and ready to go do something constructive other than work and worry about surviving every day. I am prepared to volunteer my time, my wisdom(Ok, so some may debate its level or value), and my experience to otherAmericans. I’d love to tutor kids in history, entrepreneurship, business in general, and just plain old "life planning" (again, I may ot have done a great job at it for myself, but I sure as hell know where all the deep crevasses are for sure. And I would not even want a nichol for it. I’d love helping others be better in our world.

     If my mortgage was paid off, and I had a new reliable vehicle the rest of my $1 Million would carry me for years because now I cold invest it wisely, like I should have years ago, I could afford the time  (and more importantly the right attitudede) to work out and eat healthier. I could afford to see more of my children, my grandchildren, and other folk’s whom I CAN help out with something, not just a handout.
       We’ve got it all wrong folks, we’ve got it all wrong. A friend of mine said something the other day that I thought was profound, which I share with you now.

The Greeks have no word in thier language for “work”!! They have a word for “vacation”and the closest thing to the word that they have to work  is “vacation” I think they are on to something here.
     My friend sims, who has been terrorizing Malta for the past decade or more, tells me it’s a whole different world and mindset. Time off is important, leisure is critical. A few weeks ago sims mentioned going to an art gallary opening (WTF???) The last place I would have expected to bump into sims was at an art gallery opening, but even sims has changed ad slowed his lifestyle to exactly that , a “life” style, and not an “early death” style which we tend to call  lifestyle.
Just a personal coment on the ObamaAutomotive bail out deals. We have taken anothergiant step towards socialism. When the government “makes” a CEO of a privately owned company step down before they agree to step in and “help out” that is dead wrong. That perogative belongs to the Board of Directors and the Stockholders, NOT the government. It is de-facto nationalization and I can not support that

    It’s the same argument I use in the “No smoking in bars and restaurants”law passed here in Florida about five years ago. The government has NO RIGHT to dictate policy o a private business,….none. If a business man opts to allow smoking and “we the people” don’t want smoking then withhold your dollars, don’t eat there, don’t drink there. Sooner or later the Owner will notice empty tables, red ink on his Profit and loss statements, and come to the conclusion maybe he should make HIS policy for HIS business one of No Smoking.
Well I guess the next step will be the establishment of Federally Funded positions for “Butt Wipers”, when you feel the need to go, you place a quick call and the government will have a trained and experienced “Butt Wiper” at your front door in four minutes or you get a tax credit at year end. Solve the unemploymentproblem, make life easier for all of us, and insure Washington is now a “shit free” zone

I’M BAD!! Come to my tea party, it’s really getting closer, …trust me


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