Posted by: guinness222 | April 8, 2009

“Speaking of sharing,…..”

      I’m embedding a web site I’d like you all to check out, and feel free to pass it on if you like. It speaks to a number of things that we all need to speak to this day.

     With age comes wisdom, but also heartache, and fear. That heartache and fear is usually not for ones self but for those around us. I was going to write a few blogs this week, which I will most probably do still, but I got a follow up e-mail as I saw this several months ago, signed the electronic “Constitution of the United States” and whole heartedly believe in what our fore-fathers crafted that became the cornerstone of our country. But as I said, with age comes wisdom, understanding, and heartache, and that’s where I seem to be.

        My personal medical “challenges” of late have given me time to realize that I am not only an American, a veteran, a patriot who loves his country, but that I have been silent for far too long and just let my Country move along on it’s own road. Since late last fall when this medical stuff of mine all cropped up I’ve thought a lot more about my life, and in particular my life as a Spiritual, Patriotic, and concerned American. The more I think the more I realize so many others are not there yet. They are on the “cruise control” mode, living more as John F. Kennedy implied, “Asking what your country can do for you.”

         Healthcare is cost prohibitive, jobs are evaporating like a pond on a sunny day in Texas, watch the news, count the number of people in total  and utter despair out there, look at the smug aloofness of Bernie Madoff, read about all the “bonuses” taken in the mllions by those who brought our economy to it’s knees,…..and then look at the government and those that we elected. Look at how our religious beliefs and ethics are being trampled for “unity”. Sure is a strange way of spelling unity to me.

        Then take a minute, turn up your speakers and listen and watch this video and then tell me it was just “cute”, or “nice”,…..not if you really think about it. We have allowed this country to travel on a very bad road, and we feel like that’s not our problem, we didn’t do it, but the government will “fix it”.

        “We the people,…” need to join together as in this video and reassert that which made this country great. We can and did take the pain and anguish of the Great Depression, we did take the pain and anguish of WWII, then Korea, then Viet Nam, politcal assassinations of the 60’s and 70’s,…..but it seems that sometime after that we let go of the rudder becasue we got lazy and didn’t want to work anymore, we began to feel we were “owed” , we forgot how to work, we forgot how to “toil”, and in that loss we also have lost our American Dream,….or at least put it in a corner to gather dust and fade.

       Enough of me, click on the link below,….

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