Posted by: guinness222 | April 25, 2009

Enough of my recovery stuff,…moving on.

    Feeling better every day, lost ten pounds thus far, eating healthier, still got two more weeks until I can drive a car again,  but aside from that life is good,….I’m on the right side fo the grass!

    Launching my own company full throttle June 1, 2009, two clients signed and ready to go, all my equipment, software, network, etc. is in place and I’ll be setting up the various banking situations in the next three weeks.

      I am one impatiant SOB, let me tell you. It’s only been 13 days since my open heart stuff, but I’m raring to go. Had to go out last evening , took my wife out fro a bite to eat as a thanks for putting up with me this past week since I came home, and of course had the opportunity to have a beer. (God was that good!!)

       Finally got upsatairs to “The Pit” this morning and spent the better part of two hours plowing through e-mails. Thanks to all for your kind comments and thoughts. I made up a “distribution list” before I went in the hospital and asked my wife to simply pop out an update after the surgury to let you know it was all a good thing and I came through ok. Tomorrow I’ll do a proper followup e-mail to those who don’t read my blog or can’t find it.

     Going shopping with my wife this morning groceries, a couple new Extra-Large shirts (can’t stand anything brushing against the incision on my chest.)

    More tomorrow



  1. Glad you are doing better. Sounds like you are a little ahead of schedule, too. It also doesn’t sound like you have suffered the proverbial depression that usually follows major surgery. Keep up the good work, mate.

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