Posted by: guinness222 | May 22, 2009

“….and the rain came down.”

       In the middle of a thunder storm here in Florida, pouring “cats and dogs” , but in an hour it will be bone dry out there and the sun will be shining again! Wierd huh?

       Speaking of wierd stuff, I “pulled myself back from the brink”, and am now my Doctors “poster child” Brought my cholesterol levels from the “Danger Will Robinson” level, to the “How low can you go” levels. Kicked the shit out of the Sugar glucose numbers, and even got the Blood Pressure and Pulse  back to human format from “freaky alien levels”.In other words after the Doc reviewed everything and my tests this morning, (noting that I had lost twenty some odd pounds, and am pushing to go from my old 235 pounds to 185) He sat there shaking his head and looked at the daily charts I’ve been keeping of weight, blood pressure, pulse, etc. and he says,….”Well, we’re going to have to change some of your medications”
        “Like what?”, says me.

        “No more Metformin (diabetes drug), seems you don’t have diabetes or a sugar problem anymore, cut the full Asprin for blood thining back from three a day to one, cut the blood pressure medication in half, and I’m going to give you a perscription for cholesterol medication that’s only 10% of what you were taking. Whatever you’re doing keep it up, it’s working.”

          So armed with that I go home and give the blood test results to my wife (she always thinks I make these things up) who once again reads them, glances up at me and says,…”You shit!” (She slaves over getting her numbers to work and they just never do, but when I put my mind to it,….well I can make it happen somehow.)

         Gotta wait until Tuesday when I go back to Cardiac Rehab to tell Helga the diet Nazi my numbers and the changes he made and announce that I’ve really not followed the diet with blind faith and my splurge at Olive Garden the other night didn’t hurt. (Puts me in a position where I can negotiate how tightly I’ll follow the diet. Yea me!)

        I’m getting a little bushed after sitting here for four hours doing e-mails and business stuff. Time for a break and go back to reading my “Reinvent yourself” book. Besides nothing is more pleasureable than a good book, curled up in a chair or recliner, a light blanket to ward off the chill (always keep the Air Conditioners going), and the sound of rain pouring down and echoing off  the skylight upstairs. (Our place is one of those big “open concept” places)

      I’ll write more tomorrow, have a great weekend. It’s a nice three day Memorial weekend for all of us here in the States.



  1. Great news that all your life changes are working for ya. But I bet your wife, after calling you a shit, had to sneakily put the life insurance policy back in the drawer. She will have to wait a little while longer to get her beach house in Aruba and the new Beamer.

  2. Touring around. Love your blog. As you get older you get wiser, please elaborate!

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