Posted by: guinness222 | June 5, 2009

“Has it been that long?”

           Sorry folks, I just lost track of time since my last post. Well let’s see, quick update, lost 29 pounds since April 13th, feeling better now I’m after another 25 pounds, so it’s off to the South Beach Diet for the rest. While I hate diets there are definately advantages to this one,….BUT no salt, no sugar, not bread, no baked potatoes,…but two beers a day is allowed (sort of).
             As with any “life threatening” incident, it eventually, not right away sometimes, makes you stop and do some heavy thinking, try and make sense of it, and then look ahead to plan changes and adjustments simply because you have this silly little concept of living longer. That’s where I’ve been, and doing a lot of reading.
            I’m an “odd duck” in that I have to be able to understand something intellectually before I can “adopt it” as a part of my life pattern and plan, past and present, let alone future. I’d be the guy who really would love to be the “out of body experiance” guy watching them operate on me, or doing whatever as long as I could listen to them and understand the “whys and wherefor s” of what was going on. (Guess maybe I should have been a philosopher,…but there’s damn few jobs in the “Help Wanted” ads for them, (sigh) so I guess it’s still going to have to be a hobby of sorts.
           Anyway, when I started dropping weight after my By-pass I sort ofd enjoyed it. It became a game like “how much can I lose today?” So here we are two months later and I’m weighing myself every morning (I know you’re not supposed to do that, BUT I’d really be pissed at the end of the week if I climbed on the scale and the sum total of all this diet stuff and exercise stuff was three pounds,….frankly I’d probably say “screw it” and head for the Pub and MacDonalds for a bunch of “comfort food”, but one day at a time and just doing all I can possibly do to “make it happen” and I can keep going strong. Even if it’s only a quarter or a half a pound in that day, it’s a loss for me. Problem is your old clothes start “swimming” on you. (Thank God I never throw any clothes away, just in case I ever get to that size again. I did dump the old jeans from twenty years ago, as the 155 pounds I was then are a “bit” out of the current realm. That would be almost 1/3 of my entire body weight, not quite ready for that much yet.
              Any way I’ve been studying diets, chemical interactions of foods, fats, carbohydrates (beer), sugars, etc. And when I had to start this cardiac re-hab thing “Helga the concentration camp enforcer” gave me this diet which was so bad, and made so little intellectual sense to me,….well I figured I better do some research, some heavy learning, and “cobble together” a program that will work for me,….so I am.
            But that’s no excuse for not writing,….frankly I have no excuse. A good friend in Malta e-mailed my wife the other day and was concerned as he had heard nothing from me, nor seen any updates on my blog, and was concerned. I’m alive sims, just on a mission at the current time. But I am going to make a serious effort at getting back to the writing habit.
             After much research it is becoming apparent that my beloved pints of Guinness are going to have to become a “reward” or “lottery winner” as opposed to an everyday standard. (Have no fear, I have chosen red wine as a suitable substitute since it’s sugar is far less, it has some kind of enzyme that “helps” the heart work better, and I can expand my “exploration” into the thousands of red wines out there. (BTW, feel free to tell me your favorite red and I’ll try it.) That wine rack in the dining room needs refilling I actually got the rack, which is a black, wire and very unobtrusive thing, I got from a liquor store going out of business about eight years ago. It holds about thirty-five bottles so I’m good to go in a hurricane once I get it filled!
           Well, so what else have I been doing in my search for the meaning of life, etc.?
           First thing I determined was that had I never made it through this surgery, etc. it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference to my boss, he’d just go on with business and get some clown to sit at my desk and handle the problems. Ergo, Mr. Guinness’s first rule of life,….”It’s only a freakin’ job” therefore I go to work when I want, do what I can, leave when I want and am prefering to work from the comfort of my “Pit” at home.    Some minor adjustments have to be made to get a little more “desk space”, i.e. clean it up and start filing the shit in my file cabinets, not in “piles” all over my workspace tops and shelves.
        I personally designed this room after we bought the place and it is designed to be fully functional as an office and multi-station computer hub. I built a counter that runs for 10 feet, hooks a 90 degree in the corner and runs another ten feet (actually eight until it hits the file cabinets) I have a mirror image “counter” above it only the depth is about a third less that runs the same dimensions. The upper “counter” houses all my printers, one laser and two ink jets that are copiers,scanners, etc. and a host of “binders” full of “stuff” and supplies.
              The lower “counter” has a dual screen PC computer system, a fully equipped “laptop” station with quick connects into my network and full accesss to the printers, etc. and under that counter I have an old “Mac” 9600 fully blown out and loaded with “stuff” I am currently working on an old desktop that I am converting into a “server”. And of course all the routers, modems and associated “black boxes” to make it all come together (guess that is/was hobby #2 until I ran out of space and realized my limitations that I could only use one computer at a time! (Duh! I shudda thought about that earlier.)
         Then I have two six foot by four foot wide bookcases so jam packed with books, folders, and “stuff” from my various research, inquisitive analysis, etc. that I doubt if I could get a single piece of paper in it! (Why was it I bought a two hundred and fifty page book on criminal forensics? Or the two sets of unused stereo speakers sitting on top? Oh yeah, one set came with a stereo and the other I bought becasue they are super for listening to classical music, great bass response, etc. Vintage? Probably 1977 or so. I really should hook them up to something. )
         Well, my butt, I should say my “skinnier butt”, gets tired sitting a lot faster than it used to because the “padding” is thinner, and besiudes it’s getting to be late morning and I really should drop by the office and say “Hi!” and let them know I still exist, (but on my terms!)
         I’ll try and write again this weekend. I really do enjoy woiritn and as my “meaning of life” plan comes together I’ll try and share it with you.
But remember Mr. Guinness’s Rule number one – “It’s only a freakin’ job!”

Rule #2 this weekend.

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