Posted by: guinness222 | July 30, 2009

Once again,…I’m Bad!!

      Seems like between the time I get up and the time I go to bed time is just getting away from me. I must spend about an hour to an hour and a half either walking and exercising or doing the same sort of thing in the Cardiac Rehab program. And I do that about six days a week. Then I get home and have to have breakfast, shower,shave, get dressed, answer e-mails, both personal and business, check on the condition of the world since I left it last evening, shhot up the cat with Insulin and feed the little pig. (If it is a food product and it’s not protected he’ll eat it! No lie, bread, english muffins, bacon fat, vegetables, peanut butter, and I mean everything! You’d think we never fed this garbage disposal in a cat suit!

        So by the time I get all that stuff done and head out to work it’s about 10:30am. (Yes, Yes, I know ,…don;t roll your eyes. I have a completely new outlook,….”screw it, noone pays me enough to stroke out for a paycheck. It’s never below 60 degrees here so any old refrigerator box will work, as long as I can get internet hookup there. but it’s amazing how just lying there in a hospital bed with tubes, cords, wires and assorted other crap attached to you and they say “You should get some sleep.” Are you shitting me? Number one I really don;t want to be there. Number two the reality is that you are there for a purpose and just paraying there is no “toe tag” with your name on it.

        So you reevaluate your past life, your reevaluate your present life, and you ask yourself what do you really want out of life? And then you proceed to scratch, kick, bite and otherwise spend your entire remaining minutes making it happen.

       One of the things I discovered about myself was that while I really enjoy working for a living, more better if it’s my own company), I have to listen to the little voice in my head (yup! That’s right I am hearing voices.) they are saying slow down, make life count, make you accountable to you first, family second and friends third,…frankly the rest don;t really give a damn about you anyway! Call me a cynic but Ias Yogi Berra the great New York Yankee Catcher of 40 or fifty decades go said, “I call ’em the way I sees them” (Well maybe it wasn’t Yogi Berra, but you get the drift.)

          I started making a list of the things I do nopw that I did not do before. Ready, here’s a few of them;

               1. I never ate breakfast,…a half dozen cups of coffee and I’m good to go.

               2. I never had time to eat lunch, let alone go to lunch, half a dozen more cups of coffee and maybe a package of cookies from the machine. (You know, the Cheese and Peanut Butter ones that are so artifically loaded with “stuff”,…well I predict that in 20,000 years from now some archeologist will did them up, tear open the wrapper in great excitement and mutter,…”Damn these are tasty!”

                 3. Exer…what? Never even thought about that for three decades, sweating is against my religion. Like the old Irish song goes,…”I’ll eat when I’m hungry, I’ll drink when I’m dry, if the whisky don’t get me I’ll live til I die.” At first exercise was easy. Maximum heart rate of 99 beats per minute. Shit,…get my heart up that fast simply involved scratching my head,.. but now? Last Saturday I decided to go down to the gym, get a quick workout in and then hit the Pub tto “replenish my vital body fluid levels” with Guinness. Well  blownme down as we old sailors say, the quick workout turned in to over two hours, and not once did I get the heart rate over 99! Damn, could it be I’m getting in shape?  Naw, probably just the medication kicking in. And I did three and a half miles on the treadmill. That is basically the sum total of my entire past twenty five years of not taking my car out to the mailbox to save sweating!

          4.  And I’ve consumed more salads in the past three months than the past 64 years of my life, and I’m serious about that!

          5. The “Give it up early” program. I utilize that at both work and hanging out at night, gotta get up again for morning exercise at 6:00 am so I toddle off to bed about 9:30 pm,….oh yeah and there is a “Give it up early” program for work as well. I think 5 to 6 hours a day at the office is almost an overkill, besides with my trusty Blackberry, a computer network at the house, and 64 years worth of “common sense” now at my disposal,…screw it, see you in the late,late morning tomorrow.

        6. Oh yeah, almost forgot, I also put a “Continuing Education Program” into play. I’m continuing to read, study, meditate upon and all other forms of education, myself on whatever I think is important. I find I am an “Info Junkie”. Right now, well for the past  month or so I have been taking a self directed course in the Constitution of the United States of America so I could see what life here SHOULD have been like.

             Well it’s almost three pm and I am extending my “Give it up l” program and going to get a haircut , why the hell should I do that on my time. You want me to sit around the office with a weeks worth of facial hair, what’s left on the top hanging down below my waste,well I just don;t think that’s a good image for your business boss,….so I’m taking care of that as a business time investment.

           Speaking of which ,…gotta to ta ta for now. (Also VERY sorry I haven’t written more, I won;t even promise to do better, I just will do it,….OK? We square?


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