Posted by: guinness222 | August 2, 2009

“To all the intelligent homo sapiens,….”

     I think mainstream America may be getting it, for I’ve read about at least two “random acts of kindness” (RAK) today thus far, as well as one national effort that clearly says we are “over the top” in trying to solve this economic thing.

       Now don’t get me wrong, the old joke about a recession being when the guy next door gets laid off, …and a depression being when YOU get laid off comes to mind. But let me relate the RAK’s I read about today.

        1. A church in Orlando Florida, (a/k/a “Mickey Mouse land”) who gave each of their parishioners and envelope with money in it and asked that they give 15% to a Charity of their choice, and give the rest to folks who need it. And guess what, that is exactly what they’ve been doing. Handing out thousands of dollars to folks who need it, that harried waitress who is still working taking loads of “customer harassment” every day, (worse in a recession), the girl at the drive up with the three kids she’s trying to support all by herself, the homeless guy on the corner who doesn’t know what he will eat for supper, all of them are benefiting. The Church took a spin on that movie, “Pay it Forward” and it is brightening other folks lives up and helping them carry their burden.

   2. In Brewton Alabama the owner of a pharmacy gave all his full time employees $700 and his partime employees $300, each in $2 bills! He then told then the money was theirs, but the only condition was that it should be spent in local merchants, and support the local economy.

         Now if that does not restore your faith in folks how about this one. The idea has caught on. Go check out the web site and see who else is doing it as well.

        I’m thrilled because it clearly indicates that our Founding Fathers got it right when they felt the government should NOT take care of those in need. The rest of the people who had excess would step up and do it!! That’s what made America great,…let’s get back to it!

        And it’s not just people. The National Automobile dealers Association has warned all of it’s members to hold off accepting any more of those sales for the “Cash for clunkers” program the government started with $2 MILLION dollars on Tuesday that ran dry by Thursday afternoon and Friday the House of Representatives decided to throw more millions at it, BUT that has to pass both the House and the Senate, and clearly business is getting really worried about our total economic condition if they are warning their member businesses to go slow and hold off signing more of those deals over the weekend, lest some intelligence and common sense prevail and they are then caught “holding the bag” with their customers. 

          WE all know where I stand on this, Socialism is a proven failure, …why on this earth would we want to rush headlong into it,….and where are the brains and common sense of the loonies we are electing turning to mush?  (Perhaps they are all on HULU now!)

        Let’s turn this around. Send me anything you hear about the GOOD things folks are doing, small and large, and I will be more than hap[py to put them together on a blog. After all I believe that if we all wallow in self pity and read nothing but everyones woes (including my own) it is counter productive, let’s turn up what we don;t hear on radio, TV, and newspapers enough,…..the good things man will do not necessarily large, and not necessarily national or international, for :The Good Book” says love thy neighbor as thyself, and that means helping out in whatever way YOU can, not the government, or the big Corporate Mega corporations. 


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