Posted by: guinness222 | August 22, 2009

Changes I’ve noticed in my patterns!

      Since I was 9 years old I have always been keenly aware of business, personally liked a good Ludlam, Cussler or Clancy genre novel, been a “book junkie”, getting everything I can lay my hands on to increase my knowledge, thinking capacity, and lifelong, (non-societally approved) goal of being an expert Jack of all things, but NOT a bored master of a single one! I am the poster child for a well rounded education, not just in “book-learning”, but actuality.

        I’ve built additions on our homes, engineered and constructed retaining wall, , mastered (to a degree that an old fart can) computers, set up and run a network system in my home as a hobby that is bigger than most small business systems, have done gourmet cooking, and,…well let’s say I’ve done a lot of “wine-tasting” from the bottle of life,….and loved every minute of it. The one area I’ve never “dabbled in” is politics,….until now.

         The old adage that you never discuss sex, politics or religion is dead ass wrong!

So where am I now?

       Well I have at least five or six  Ludlam, Cussler, and Clancy books I buy and pile on the table, with the best intentions of reading them, but never seem to get around to it. Cooking is not much fun any more because I did it, proved to myself I can (not that my lovely wife would agree with that!), live in a townhome community and really, even though I’m on the Board of Directors of it, can not rant and rave about height of the grass, (1″ as opposed to the 3/4″ some on thinks it should be or the amount of “trimming” that a plant should have) and I have lost my “joy de vieve” (badly spelled!),  for lobbing in a hand gernade just to stimulate stupid conversation and thought amongst narrow minded idiots who bore the shit out of me. (And I’m sure they have a high opinion of me as well!)

        I blog because I have something I want to say, not because it’s “fashionable”, I joined Facebook because I get a kick out of running across all those folks that when you sit with a glass of wine, by the fireplace, with gentle calming music drifting around you , and you wonder “Whatever became of  “xxxxxxx”?” . There are a lot of folks that you have crossed paths with over your life span, who “seemed” like nice folks, or similar, but you , for whatever reason never had time to get to know them better. For example, most of us have had a favorite restaurant we  frequented  fifteen years or so ago, and the waitperson was always so nice, friendly, and even from the brief “snippets” of conversation we had with them, you had a gut feeling that, “This is a really good human being”, or the “old guy” at the hardware store, whose name you really never knew, whom you could always ask even the dumbest question, and he made you feel comfortable and always answered you, with out judgement, or that hint of sarcasm. Anyway I’ve found a number of them on facebook, and some of them have found me! Think about it before you get to old to, and remember everyone who has been nice, or friendly to you,….before the alternative to doing that gets  you. (See I’m even getting overly sentimental and as close to “mellowed” as you’ll ever see me!)

         But the other thing I’ve become, is a die hard activist to take back our country, MY COUNTRY, from the brain dead idiots who purport to be running it. You know the idiots who have buried our great Constitution in a dusty old closet and piled boxes on it. The ego-centric wannabes who have forgotten that WE THE PEOPLE run this country, and they are trying every way they can imagine to change that.

      My United States of America grew strong because of individuals who had dreams of everything that wasn’t, and went about making it real, other than becoming  “the all powerful Oz.” Sure the  human animal has inherant “base tendancies” , and we all struggle hard to push them into the back ground, and not act on them. But I am convinced a politician spends every waking minute honing those base tendancies to insure thier own self enrichment. And I am sick of it!

         I’m fast reaching the point that I have decided that I am truly a Libertarian philosophically, a Constituionalist in belief, and am now destined to be an Activist,  if I am to eventually leave this world in good shape, and in good conscience to my children and grand children.

         Let the greedy fall, let their companies fold up, let the health insurance problem solve itself (for it, like all other problems will work itself out eventually,…but only if we let it!) If government intervenes, it is one more liberty we have abdicated, one more decision that will be made for us, and the result IS a creeping socialist cancer spreading throughout the entire body of the United States of America,  MY country.

           I don’t know if it’s already too late to stop this or not. I am but one little guy, I can have “tea parties”, I can become the “crazy bastard” on his soapbox. or I can commit to bring about change.  I’m looking for an effective avenue to accomplish that, and while MY Constitution says that WE THE PEOPLE run this country, why is it I’ve not met a single sane person who says it’s “running like a clock”.

         In a matter of six months my government of idiots has put MY country into Trillions of dollars of debt, a debt that can virtually never be repaid, a debt which has cheapened our dollar, a debt which has spawned the end of any concept of a great innovative, caring,  middle class, like the one that brought The United States of America ahead by hundreds of  decades in less that a hundred years.

          I ask you,…How do we take back our country?

                                  How do I stop from being sad when I see my one year old granddaughter who will be so saddled in federal taxes, that she will never be able to buy a home of her own.

                                 How do we neuter the monster we’ve allowed to grow  stronger because of apathy?

                                 How do WE THE PEOPLE explain to our own kind that WE must take responsibility for ourselves, our country our actions and our world,….and not turn to the damn government, fall to our knees and sob , “Save us!” Because they won’t! 

             One of my facebook friends related a really profound though the other day , which will be in my collection of quotes very near the top. He offered, “How can we be sure there is any other intelligent life in the universe? The answer is simple, …no one has tried to contact us!”

         Well enough preaching for today, I’m not sure more than two or three even read this, (besides the government “spooks”).

          We all have quotes, or sayings that inspire us, please send me yours, I would like to do a blog on them, or a series of blogs.

         What we like to live by is who we really are.


          One final thought, the way newspapers are folding up we will have no “freedom of the Press” to worry about soon, Fox news, and Turner Networks (CNN) will tell us what they think , and what we may think.

            A coincidence?  Try reducing the Constitution to a sound byte.

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