Posted by: guinness222 | September 11, 2009

Healthcare. Where do I come down?

        I can honestly say the direction we are going, toward socialism, is very scary. But I am also one who thinks the vast majority of our “dumb” friends and neighbors just flat do not think!

       As most of you know I’ve owned businesses since the early 1980’s and relish every single second of being a business man. Does that mean I’m a “mogul” or can have caviar for lunch every day and Dom Perignon instead of tap water? Hell no! In fact I’m probably defined as a “quasi-loser” because the only pension I have is a $135 a month check from a company I worked for for five years. Haave I saved enough no way! Have I invested wisely? Also a resounding “Hell NO!”

      But you know I knew what I was doing. I was determioned to depend on myself for my future and my life,….not a pension, not a government  check each month, and most certainly not a socialistic form of anything. But look where we are!

       I reflected a number of years ago about a career as I got older which would not be physicvally taxing, that would not demand me there 24/7, every day  of the year. That is why I do what I do now. I took a month off after my triple By-Pass in April, I took another week off in May, and I don;t even think about going into work until 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning. Nor do I consider staying a minute after 4:00 pm in the afternoon. It’s the type of work I can handle on my computer at home, (I actually have 300% more computing power and much more modern and newer equipment and programming than my employer! He’s got a nicer copying machine, but what the hell!)

          Secondly, and say this to yourself slowly, at least ten times a day as you look in the mirror and wonder who that tired, dishevelled, aging face is looking back at you like the entire world is going to collapse on them, say …..”It just does not freakin’ matter that much!” After all you weren’t born to kill yourself, you weren’t born to make oothers wealthy by your sweat and work. You are your own company, and the CEO of that company at that. Think about life, think about friends and loved ones, think about yourself and what YOU can do or accomplish for YOU!

       We all take ourselves far too seriously. I think it is the Marine Corps who says the battlefield direction is “Adapt , Overcome, and Advance”. Try it with your life and see what happens. I’m the wierd dude that would not trade a minute of my life for anything else.  Sure I’ve disappointed some folks, and I’ve disappointed myself sometimes, but Adapt, Overcome, and Advance. There is a new day tomorrow, as long as I’m here for it,….well, if the alternative sounds better to you, you have a real problem,…not me!

         I’m actively considering writing a book on the past several months, not for me, but to share a lot of what I’ve learned in that short period of time, and the changes I’ve had to make and most importantly how much I’ve grown in that period. I would hope that it can be a “How to…” manual for other folks who confront serious health issues, but want more than the skinny options they  find exist out there. Sure you have to take care of yourself, sure you have to change a boatload of things in your life, sure it ain’t all gonna be pleasant, but hell , it’s all a game so don’t just play the game, …master the hell out of it!

         But then again I’m one of those folks that I think it was John F. Kennedy spoke about when he said “American youth loves a challenge.”

         Who else would build a 1000 seat nightclub in New England with no heat or Air-conditioning becasue we needed it to make the money so we could pay for it first.  Who else could ask his entire family to give up a gorgeous little house in the picture book suburbs with kids all around for my kids to paly with, a swimming pool in the year and a new addition I built on it that increased it by 1/3,….to move about a hundred miles away live in the rural area in a rented house, while I started to “jump start” a technically dead business and then nourish it back to life.

       As I’ve shared before my favorite to “Quotes for Life” are first Henry Ford’s “Whether you think you can, or you can’t,….you’re right.” And Helen Kellers, “Life is either an adventure,…or it is nothing.” And trust me they are even more meaningful to me now. Let me give you an example of where I’m going.

         Four days after my Triple By-pass they want me to walk five minutes a day every day for that week, then increase it to ten for a week, then 15, etc. until eventually I could do 30 minutes a day at least three times a week. The first day I did not want to move, obviously I was in a whole world of pain, felt like I’d been run over by a truck, and then used as a punching bag by heavyweight fighters. But my wife made me get off my ass and walk. I went out the door of the house and started to the end of our street, while she stood in the walkway with my noiitroglycerin tablets in one hand and a cell phone to call “911” in the other. If I wasn’t hurting so much it would have been laughable, trust me. It took almost fifteen minutes to do it, every step was huge, pain, unsteadiness, labored breathing that hurt my split open chest, etc.  The next day I relaxed and didn’t walk at all, except around in the house. It was about 150 steps, and here we are five months later tomorrow and I’m doing three to four miles a day, six days a week! I am NOT looking for any “Atta boys”, but I’m still feeling my way along like the first day in terms of useful information. I’ve scoured on line, the library, the book stores, and there is virtually nothing out there to jump start your ass and get things back together mentally, physically and spiritually,…..hence, I guess I gotta write it!

         I recently noticed a new blog entry by a very courageous young lady I’ve been following for a couple of years. Diagnosed with cancer her second year in college, going through chemo, radiation, and all the other sundry “remedies” and still keeping up with her college work, she graduated last year, and despite all her courage is wondering now because what did she accomplish? She’s basically unemployed most ;likely uninsurable, …but she hasn’t given up but,….for her there is also no step one, step two simple process to things. She too must “Adapt, Overcome, and Advance” I am sure she will as that is her character.

        Well I think I’ll mull over things this weekend and see where I start, I can guarantee you it is not going to be a dull read, not a totally serious read, but whether you are having problems or health conditions I’ll keep you posted on my progress with it. The working title I am thinking will be , “Adapt,Overcome,Advance,……….and Conquer!”

    Well that’s it for now. Have a great weekend and enjoy life!


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