Posted by: guinness222 | September 18, 2009

“Ugly pills,….everyone’s takin’ them!”

       Strange title for a blog entry right? Well not really. It’s my concise, “straight through the heart”, down and dirty insightful analysis of what the world is like these days. Are you takin’ ugly pills?

      They are a special ugly pill, not a physical ugly pill, but an attitudinal ugly pill. Everyone is taking them, I swear. Tempers would occasionally get “short”, and “outbursts” happened in rare circumstances, but man, I have never seen folks this ugly,….and they don’t know what to do about it!

       The “rich” are losing the money, the retiree’s are reviewing the Help Wanted Ads, not a soul wants to pay for anything, and the bars are getting a lot more crowded every day.

       I read a friends blog entry today and her comment was something like ,…”Firstly, I hate Obama. Like capital “H” hate. He’s fucking everything and it’s only been eight months? Holy crap. I can’t even comment. I’m not supposed to comment. I work for him. So forget that I said anything at all.”

        All any of us want is to reach out grab someone and shake the hell out of them while yelling , “Look what you did,…you have screwed everything up,….FIX IT!”  I guess the old adage of “If it’s to be it’s up to me!” applys big time here.

        People I have known for a long time are consuming “ugly pills” by the hand full. They used to have a modestly comfortable life, occasionally “splurge” on something, go on a little vacation, give a little to charity, smile tell a few jokes, etc. But not now. I am seeing much more of the old Roman attitude, “Eat Drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die”,…that one.

        I was talking to my wife the other day and I was grousing that the damn electric bill has gone from about $180 a month last year to over $250 a month this year. I should be able to get job credits on my tax return this year from supporting the local hospital and pharmacies!

       But the BIG thin, …the “take away” from it all is that no one knows what the hell to do. There used to be a time when we could trust our government,…but that is now ancient, ancient history! It’s not like we are all asking for handouts or the like, but we are tired of all this rhetoric and bull shit that is flying around like a mosquito on a mission.

        Would somebody tell me exactly WHAT THE PROBLEM IS?

       Step number one,…define the problem. (aside from sound byte crap there is absolutely nothing comprehensive in terms of the problem other than the government sure as hell ain’t really fixing it!)

       Step Number two,…brainstorm every alternative from the sublime to the ridiculous (too much time on the ridiculous it would appear. “Print more and more money and throw it at the problem, maybe it will become fat and lazy and things will get better!”)

       Step number three, Start “weeding out” the ideas that will not work,…like throwing money at the problem!

        Let’s get our collective minds going to REALLY tackle the tough questions and situations and deal with rationale intelligent possible solutions.

        Finally let’s get our hands on the capstan and make it work. (capstan is the old device on sailing ships which raised the anchor by men pushing it around in a circle. Together we can accomplish something, …wandering around in a politically induced daze won’t do it.

        If the economy is broken we need to fix it, not buy every box of Band-aids in the world and patch it. Unfortunately there are some systems, some processes and some companies and areas that will fail,….so be it! It’s like our “do good” attitude about convicted murderers. We stockpile them in “prison warehouses” at a cost of more than twice what I make in a year and keep them for decades!  “Trial at 11, appeals at 12,….execution right after lunch! stay tuned we’ll be right back after these brief announcements from our sponsors”.

          What the hell are we even talking about health care for? Sure it’s broke, but it’s limping along. Those not covered by insurance will go to the ER, the ER will treat everyone. (The overly touted Massachusetts Health Care initiative has shown that when folks get health insurance they make twice as many trips to the ER because “I got insurance now!”

        Well, time to toddle off to the dungeon (work), now there’s a place where “ugly pills” are delivered and distributed like M&M’s! The clients are all addicted to ugly pills, the boss is in a “conserve every penny we have” mode, hence we have three large( 300+ each) mailings to go out and not a single envelope to put them in because only he can go to the office supply store because anyone else wastes money there and he’s in another sate until next week sometime.

         Clients who will not accept what I tell them because “I don’t care what the law says, there has to be another way!”

         Sorry if I’m bumming you out, but it ain’t pretty in the trenches when the “haves” realize they are heading for the “have nots” at the speed of light.

         Gee hope I got enough left in the paycheck this week to buy a gun. It’s getting ugly out there! (Gun is for self protection in the event of any arbitrary “re-distribution of wealth” actions. It’s like the way we used to joke about my daughters old attitude as a teenager, “What’s mine is mine and what’s you’s is also mine!” 

         Have a nice day and try doing one random act of kindness for someone else,….it’s a start!



  1. Mr. Guinness asks ” Would somebody tell me exactly WHAT THE PROBLEM IS?”

    I’ll give that a try, but start out with another question.

    Question: When you talk to a car salesman, do you think he tries to sell you that new car with a logical case? Explaining the new engineering, the safety features, etc? NO! He appeals to your emotions. “Isn’t that a sexy little number? Red, sporty, top down… the heads will turn as you drive it down the street!”

    Guess what… ALL politicians are one step below a car salesman. Do they sell you new government via logic? NO! They get people riled up and obfuscate they real, underlying issues. Easier to do than actually solve anything.

    Works for a while for those SOBs, lots of cash around for a few decades. But at some place in time we have the so-called ‘tipping point’. The issues will be so large they cannot sweep them under the rug. At some point all the SOBs of all the parties will face the fact the THE PARTY is over.

    Mr. Guinness, who I’ve known for a long time now, likes to apply logic and in his own way analyze the situation and make sense of it all. In an ideal world that would be the correct route to take. But ya know what buddy? This ‘ain’t’ and ideal world. Not by a long shot. Logic is one of the first things to go out the window when emotions rule the roost. Come on, you’ve studied Ziggy Ziggler and all those dudes. What sells? Ever hear of “The Sizzle”?

    So, what has happened all throughout the short, by geological standards, history of feeble earthlings on this spinning rock? What has happened time and again?

    What did the founding fathers of the American experiment do? What did some of them predict would be necessary some time in the future? You know what happened. Did a point come where they sat down with the Brits and say “Look, lets works this all out and do what is best for all of us” NO! They flushed the whole thing down the toilet. Whooosh! Start over with a clean bowl, until it gets clogged with too much you know what and needs another flushing.

    Nobody is happy when the plumbing gets so clogged that you need to call the roto-rooter man. Costs money and makes a mess. But usually the dang pipe gets reamed out and people can start shitting in it again. And shit in it all over again they will – because that is what humans do. Emotions, biochemistry, and more basic non-logical powers turn the course of human events. That’s they way it is.

    This isn’t the deck of the Enterprise with Spock providing clean, stainless steel LOGIC to help smooth out Captain Kirk’s impulsive hunches. Nope you have ALL politicians at the helm. And don’t forget, almost all of them are LAWYERS. You know what old Billy Shakespeare thought of lawyers, don’t you? Billy understood humans maybe more than anyone who has ever walked among the humans.

    They’ve defecated so much in their own pen, ALL of them, that the mess requires more than a shovel and wheelbarrow. It’s a very big mess. Might have to get a bucket loader, rip out the pens and stalls, spread that manure over a field, and rebuild the barn.

    History isn’t clean and full of logic. That’s just the way that earthlings are built. Trying to think otherwise is the road to more ruin. You cannot sell that new car by saying the turning gear ratio has been redesigned. You sell it with a short black dress, cute chick, and flashy curves.

    You asked ” Would somebody tell me exactly WHAT THE PROBLEM IS?”

    The problem is human behavior. See, they even have a term for it. Human Behavior has very little to do with Logic. Can’t fix the mess – gotta clean the barn and start a new pile of you know what. Then some day clean the barn all over again.

    That’s my simple take on it all. What the hell do I know however.

  2. Way to go sims, there are still some intelligent earthlings on the planet! (Wish I went to “Jebbie” schools!)

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