Posted by: guinness222 | September 26, 2009

“The unspeakable!”

      I was sitting with a cold Guinness at my favorite pub last evening waiting for our “anointed one” to get through babbling on about the G-20 meeting or some such. He then asked for questions from the press. The first dude asks about all the protesters out front with signs and taking a few hacks at him?

       “The anointed one” replies something to the effect that it doesn’t bother him and then followed it up with a comment like  ” speaking your mind is one of the traditions in our country” HELLO? “Tradition?”

      Last time I looked Boss, it was a “right” granted to us by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. “Rights” are sure as hell different from “traditions”, or do you plan on changing that as well.

      Am I bitter? You bet! Now I’m not bitter over Obama, but over the entire machine that got elected and is running a big steam-roller all over our country. They are behaving like parents, and we don’t need parents, we need guardians, guardians of our rights and liberty’s.

       I get the clear and distinct message that, “WE know far better than you what you need, and you will get what WE think you need, nevermind your opinions and stupidity.” We are really between a rock and a hard place, and I’ve seen no leadership for opposition on our side at all. These tea Parties are a perfect example, lot of noise, obviously “We the People” are stirred up, but there is no one driving the damn bus. We need a Bus Driver,  a Train Engineer, a leader,….or the consequences are unspeakable!

         Enough about politics, I’ll just get myself all cranked up! Well, maybe I can talk about work? That has me even more cranked up 149 bloody days until I  #! get my medicare and my health insurance drops from $2,000 a month to $500, #2 Do my Johnny Paycheck impression,…”…Take this job and shove it, I ain’t workin’ here no more!” It’s chewing me up inside. And I’m getting to the point that I don’t think delivering daily newspapers at 4:30 a.m. is such a bad deal, or wearing the little blue vest and handing out shopping carts and welcoming all to “Wally World”. In fact since we live in such a crooked world and no-one seems to give a damn, …well maybe I’ll try bank robberies, or “rubber Checks”, What the hell everyone else is doing it!

        I would much rather spend my “twilight” years with a smile, poor, and at peace with the world around me than the “cranky old fart” that I’m gravitating toward. My confidence level in humanity is in the tubes. I stopped reading newspapers, because I don’t have a parakeet or it’s cage to put the paper in, and I don’t buy fish to have it wrapped in newspaper, and at this point that’s about all they are good for anymore! The level of writing is poor, the level of unbiased reporting is pathetic, and while the world spins faster the paper gets thinner because of fewer ads, lousier writing, and “corporate cutbacks”. They are not just getting thinner in terms of the number of pages, but the width of the pages has also been reduced, as with the height of the page as well!

          I’m as “tech” as the next guy, but we aren’t “channeling” all that into too much constructive results. Computers make it easier for Big Brother to monitor us, easier for the banks, brokers and sales geeks to “rip us off” and with prime examples like Bernie Madoff and others, and of course significantly easier for us to get into more debt and poverty than ever before in our history.

        Give me some comments oh blog-world! I swear I have never seen so many bitter, ugly, nasty folks in my life as are becoming the majority today.

        Well, I best stop before the top of my head pops off and I become fertilizer somewhere. Is it just me or are any of you seeing this nasty metamorphosis that I’m seeing, and this political turmoil everywhere?


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