Posted by: guinness222 | October 10, 2009

From 2005

    I’ve been going back over some of my early blogs, here’s one from November of 2005.

Believe and all things are possible!”

I have a little mirror magnet over my desk with this inscription on it. I’ve had it for years and it is kind of my credo for life. But recently, maybe it’s part of the aging process, I begin to doubt it a bit. How can you not if you look around this crazy world we live in?
I love my job, I just hate my boss, he’s more than just impossible to deal with. He’s spent the past two years hunting for my head, and frankly at this point he can have it! My strength in managing is pulling together a crew, getting the most out of them, and making them proud of what they do,…and I’m damn good at it. My philosophy of business is one of fairness all the way around, for the company, the employees, and the customers. I believe if you put those things together you have optimized your potential for success for everyone. If you “market” deceptively, play “games” with pricing, and the other aspects of business the company is shoooting itself in the foot,…eventually. I further believe people make mistakes, it’s all part of life’s learning process, but only if you learn, adapt and work to overcome, not simply put your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening.
Recently I expanded my horizons and after many weeks of work and study, not to mention getting licienced by the State, I began a new career, part time at first and hopefully full time within a year, managing Community Associations. Lesson number one learned, some people have more money than sense, and flat just won’t listen. I severed my relationship with one group after a scant two months as there were so many obvious problems, so much back door politiking, and so much just plain tunnel vision the task became not just impossible to manage, but staggering on the brink of some “creative accounting” just to keep it afloat!
As I remarked to a friend the other day , it’s a real shame common sense and wisdom, not to mention self respect and concern for all mankind don’t seem to develop during your working years, but only after you begin to stop and smell the roses. There is life beyond the almighty dollar, there is life beyond the next rung on the career ladder, and most importantly a person can become very rested and sleep all night if they respect social justice.
Enough of today’s comments, time to get back in the “rut” for another day.

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