Posted by: guinness222 | October 24, 2009

Computer; yes Scotty. How are our lithium crystals?”

      Playing around a little bit today on my new computer program Dragon speaking naturally version 10 this is absolutely amazing! I feel like Scotty Starship Enterprise talking to his computer I’m sitting here watching you type this blog as I just sit here in in the pit

       well I guess we have really come a long way when you considered your computer and talk to it and want to type away for you and do its own correction and understand your dialect or your accent and guess what? It also does not print out the “aaah”‘s or the “umm”s”. Of course it does seem to make a few mistakes like on this particular paragraph it did not capitalize the first word in the paragraph and sentence so I guess that means I’ll have to allow the manual and see how it may be that but I am excited by this because now is the opportunity to what I do best to talk and have what I say put into the written word so maybe that book that I’d like to write could be a little bit closer.

         Well don’t take a short break here go back to the manual and see what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong . I’ve always been one of those people who simply take it out of the box plug-in and can push go not the kind that sit down. I never read a manual unless the program stops or jams up I use intuition more than anything else but now I need to find out how to get it to read it back to me is dead but it was read back to me in a female voice and I would really rather have it read back to me in a male voice well TTFN from the old cartoon show where snagglepuss the mountain lion used that TTFN which means ta ta for now.


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