Posted by: guinness222 | November 24, 2009

And a great Thanksgiving Day to all!!

    I’ve always liked Thanksgiving because,(at least for the guys)it’s a real laid back relaxed time to eat,have a few drinks, watch some football, eat some more, AND>>>>because Turkey (the traditional entrée for Thanksgiving) has a “drug” called ” triptosomethingsomething a mine” in it you can easily take a “nap” (yea!!)

       Been skipping the gym this week because of all the damn annual meetings I’ve had and frankly given the option of working out after an Annual Owners Meeting, or doing a few “elbow curls” at the Pub,….well do I have to spell it out?

      AS our “recovering economy” progresses in this country I am totally mystified. How does an economy get “better” with more people being unemployed, less consumer spending, healthcare premiums going up by double digits, and a weeks groceries almost twice my first car payment on a brand new car in 1967, and more than my entire monthly mortgage payment in 1970?

       While not the “brightest bulb in the chandelier” my personal educated researched and financially driven estimate and assessment is that the whole thing is Bull Shit! But then again what do I know.

       But I’m ready, my company is up and going,(actually has been for over a year until this heart thingy this year put a “hold” on it) first client signed for February 1st start, computers being “tweaked” in a couple weeks, the “Pit” being cleaned up and now starting to resemble a compact, organized and well run business office dynamo. (Wonder how long I can keep it looking like that?)

        I have developed into a “Pile Management Advocate” over my long and inconspicuous business career. You know, one “In” basket, and when it gets full get a bigger “In” basket,…and when that one starts bulging at the seams and looks like a scale model of Mount Everest,…well start another “pile”, but don’t call it an “In” basket. (Well documented psychological fact, multiple “To Do” or “In” baskets are detrimental to your mental health so it automatically becomes a “pile”. This allows you the luxury of handling you “In” items at your leisure and see yourself making progress at it. (Or something like that)

       But every once in a while as you walk into your “office” or “pit” you have this over whelming feeling of total inadequacy, sloathfulness, and can seriously consider just moving to the Pub for a month or two. BUT there is a solution!

       Just get a good clear night’s rest, in fact sleep in about an hour later than usual, and then get a steaming cup of Coffee, latte, or Tea (Russian or Irish Breakfast Teas being the best for this task) pull up a big trash bag the kind you use for leaves and the like, and shove the first pile created after the “In” basket was no longer able to contain a single sheet of paper, right in it. Don’t bother sorting, you will find as we progress in this task you have plenty of “duplicate copies” (especially bills, God love those guys you owe, they are so accommodating and send you a fresh clean bill every month!)

        Continue the process until you only have a single “most recent” pile left. At that point take your “In” basket and empty the contents into the Trash bag, carefully check the empty basket to insure any broken or sharp edges are not going to endanger you, if so repair them, then transfer your “most recent” pile into the “In” basket and you have then “processed” your “In” basket.

          Now I hear the comments and fears of missing an “important” item, but in reality any memo that you EVER get it ancient history after eight hours because the sender will call you no more than two hours after sending the memo and asking if you have had a chance to read it yet. Tell them you are working on your “In” basket and will get to it as soon as you can. After that you are home free. The follow up flag the sender put on it they have complied with, and the report, answer, task or “other” wasn’t that important anyway so you have handled it.

       To further help your organizational situation take the “In” box contents and sort them into two distinct categories, the “I OWE” category, and the “I KNOW” category. When you finish take the “I KNOW” pile and place it in the trash bag, …afterall you know it already and keeping it would be useless duplication and wasting you valuable time in re-reading it!

        Take the “I OWE” portion, and look at the amounts you owe per item, or bill. (Now this is the tricky part) Mentally add up the amounts until they exceed the amount you have in your checking account. Take all remaining “I OWE” items and place them in the trash bag. It’s futile to continue to keep them, after all you don’t have the money to pay them,…right?

         Now what remains, usually three or four items, you write a check for, being careful not to exceed the amount you have in the bank to honor the payments. Double check it with a calculator to be sure and you are done.

        Your “In” basket is empty, your piles are taken care of, your coffee, tea, or Latte is gone, and psychologically you feel great. Get your “duster” out and run it over everything in your office, and if you are really feeling good you might even vacuum the office. At that point your self-esteem, your hard work, and your perseverance in the face of what seemed like overwhelming odds has been paid off.

      Go work out, hit the Pub , or go shopping!




  1. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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