Posted by: guinness222 | December 6, 2009

“This friday is your last payday.”

      Isn’t that a great way to start your weekend? I planned on pulling the trigger about January 15th, BUT, the “boy king” was quicker on the trigger,…(sigh). Now the age old question,”Is the glass half empty,…or half full?”

     Actually it’s half full for me. One of my clients is going to switch and use my company (the one I started a year or so ago that’s been on hold because of my little heart situation) so that’s the “half filled” part, the “half empty” part is I need to go beat the bushes and “practice what I preach”. I.e. managing community associations is an impossible job if you have more than three or four, because that is all any human being can individually handle with out “cheating” all of them out of your best efforts on their behalf at managing them full time.

       I never have been a fan of the POTHF managment technique and philosophy. POTHF? Sorry it stands for “Pissing On The Highest Fire”. It works quitte simply, 1) never actually “solve” the problem, …just sort of “lessen” it’s impact and move on to the next client, and 2) make sure when it flares up again you have “plausible deniability” when someone says, “Gee, I thought we took care of this already,….didn’t we?”  (Proper POTHF response: ” We most certainly did because there is no way, based on the solution or correction I put in place could it EVER reoccur,…trust me on that, I’m a professional, and I do this for a living, so I know exactly what I’m doing.”)

         I guess I’m just to old to adapt to that managment technique,…or too honest. Like a told a friend when he heard last evening, I’m 65 years old,…I already missed the “gold ring”, …but I’m working on a silver one that let’s me go home and sleep at night.”

         Soooooo,…..Advanced Property Managment Solutions, LLC (web site )  is now actively a working company with our first contract effective in 25 calendar days. Time to “turn ‘n burn” as the old Navy jet pilots used to say. But fear not I will get the 500th Blog finished and posted before I start in earnest on January 1st.

         Now,….don’t go all soft on me here, and DO NOT send me any “Sorry to hear you were let go”, or any “There is always unemplyment compensation” or the old “What kind of an asshole would fire you just before Christmas?” because you know what? I couldn’t be happier,…really! 

         Well I’m in training for this big 5K race I’m in, with my wife (between the two of us we’ve lost a combined total of 90 pounds and still working for an even 100 pounds) next Saturday morning so it’s off to the gym for my four mile treadmill workout, (maybe even 5 miles today), and every day until Saturday.  And then to the Pub to replenish the “vital liquids” and watch my New England Patriots defeat the Miami Dolphins (“squish the fish).

         Stay tuned for tomorrows installment of “life begins at 65”.

         Oh yeah, any comments on my web site or suggestions for improving it, let me know. I’m open to suggestions from anyone, because in the end I can take them or leave them, and damned if other folks don;t have some great ideas. I read them and slap myself on the forehead and say “Damn,…why didn’t I think of that!”




  1. excellent news! best of luck with the new venture!!!!

  2. Congratulations Tommy – Great xmas present he gave you! Starting the New Year and New You with a clean slate. Brand new. Latest model!

    Nice to see you back where you belong, in charge of your own show.

    Had a look at the web site, not sure what to say really as it is not my game (RE Management). What I usually do is look at several of the most successful companies in whatever field I am concerned with and see what I might borrow from them.

    BTW – I want some photos, not of you but Barbara!


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