Posted by: guinness222 | January 6, 2010

(sigh),….I’m officially an “old fart”!!!

    Yup! Got my “medicare” card, my medicare  supplement card, and my Rx card now, so as of February 1, 2010, I am an “old fart”,……THAT SUCKS!!!! I just ain’t ready to go there!!

     I mean let’s look at it via what they call the “Ben Franklin Close” method of analogy. Take a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle, and on the left hand side at the top write “good things”, and on the right side write “drawbacks”. Now starting on line one of the left side list all the reasons that it is a good thing, think long and hard and write down every single  one that comes to mind. Now repeat it on the right side writing down every single drawback to making the affirmative decision, that you can think of, then add up the number on both sides,…..and that’s where you go! Simple, clean, logical, and immensely reasonable. Except for that little factor called “the heart”. Now this past year I got a lot of personal knowledge and background on “the heart”, and trust me it is most definitely more than a muscle in our chests which pumps blood through out our body. Now that doesn’t mean I can really write you a definition of the heart, but suffice it to say I know it”s a lot more than a muscle that pumps blood around.

     SHIFT!!!!!! Random thought with perhaps an “inkling” to the matter. For the past several days it has been unseasonably cold here in Florida, so much so that you just don;t want to get out of bed until you absolutely, positively MUST. So this morning as my wife and I were laying there, with covers up to our necks and the cat, (My sainted cat Mr. Hiss) lying between us down at our knees trying to keep warm himself, my wife says, “Gee! This is sort of like being retired,…we get up when we want to, not when we are supposed to get up!”

        Great wisdom there, mull it over a bit. Screw the world, it can get along just fine without me for another hour or two!

       Well, here it is about 8:30 in the evening and I’m here writing this, after a brisk four mile walk, a couple of glasses of a fine Pinot Grigio, and a Dijon Chicken dinner with veggies and a baked potato.

      Guess what? Gonna do it again tomorrow morning! After all I own my company, I am the Boss, and there’s no way in hell I’m gonna fire myself for being late at the desk for five or six days in a row! (Particularly after spending two or three hours at 11 at night conferencing with my computer “guru” to overcome severe, severe, log in problems to the one program I need functioning to run my business!!

        Well, time to go down, crawl into my recliner with some Ice Cream, and enjoy!!!! (I know it’s only twenty some thing degrees farenheit,…but it’s Ice Cream!!)


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