Posted by: guinness222 | March 2, 2010

Selected short stuff,….quick reads for busy folks!

  Been one of those really busy weeks, culminated last night with my computer “guru” trying to hook up three of my printers on line for the network so I had full fax, scan and PDF capability (A million kudo’s to who ever invented PDF’s, they are frosting on a great cake, easy to use, easy to pass along, easy to file,….GO PDF’s. (In fact you can actually go into them and change text, fill in information, all sorts of things)

       Well in the process he said to me,…”You want me to show you how to archive your e-mails? I think that may be slowing down your outlook program.”

      Well kiss my ass, that’s what that is all about!! Seems I had almost twenty GIGABYTES of old e-mails which he tells me is the equivalent of trying to tow the Queen Elizabeth II with a Volkswagen. Damn it’s like greased lightning now, but the evil little voice in my head says “So if you need ’em how do you get ’em back,…or do they never come back?”

      Well I am just sort of “going with the flow”, running my Association, slowly marketing a couple others. and working on my book, (“Ok,…so I’m still here,…now what?”) about trying to come back from heart surgery and the other stuff, (read as overweight, high cholesterol,borderline diabetic, and Guinness Brewery Man of the year!)

       Had to take my wife to the ER (emergency room) over the weekend. She has had carpel tunnel syndrome for a number of years, but last week she opted to dump all the computer games and other things she did to try and make things easier,soooooooo,…by Saturday night she couldn’t sleep from the pain, there was no position that was comfortable and it was just flat bad. So Sunday morning off she goes to the ER. Doc there tells her what we already know, (“You have carpel tunnel syndrome”) and gives her a script for lortabs for the pain and something else for the swelling.

     Now she doesn’t do drugs in any way shape or form, so she gets, “some” sleep Sunday night and is so “drug hung over” all day Monday she stops taking the lortab by noon (supposed to take them 4 times a day), so the pain comes back and she is having a hard time doing anything. In fact she went to a concert she was singing in and they went out for a bite to eat afterwards, and after three of four forkfuls of food she wasn’t able to hold the fork anymore! So we are waiting for a return call from an orthopedic specialist and here it is Tuesday already.

       I’ll keep you posted on her, but Friday I have my annual meeting with my Doctor, and as a good Irish Catholic I gave up Guinness for lent (doesn’t hurt the blood sugar numbers) and before you have a stroke yourself, I gave up Guinness for Lent,…..BUT not beer. Switched to Michelob Ultra (92 calories) for now. It’s “cereal in a bottle” according to my ‘bar buddies’.

    Oh we took her cat “Smokey” to a new vet. The old vet had the personality of a pit bull on steroids and everything was “another $150” even to get an answer to “How’s the weather today?” Her knowledgable care and expertise of managing “smokey’s” diabetes with two shots a day at 3cc’s each has done nothing for the past year. New vet says he has “runaway” diabetes and increased him to 8cc’s twice a day of insulin. (Not that I hate the cat, but it used to be a $100 a month , now with the new dosage it’s getting to be $200 a month, plus the monthly blood tests! You think Obama has something in his new medical plan for American Cats as well? I sure as hell hope so!

      Well, I begin the “every day” cycle at the gym today. Aerobic 4 mile runs on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday to make sure I hit my goal of 12 – 15 miles a week, and strength (Nautilus and weights) exercises on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. (Time to stop looking like a pair of legs with a pile of shit attached, and begin to look like a proper 65 year old sex symbol 🙂

      One other oddity,…..How do you tell a ‘ripe’ cantaloupe? I have come to like cantaloupe, but it seems to be a real crap shoot to find a ‘ripe’ one .

  I like them softer and really ‘juicy’ but you can’t really tell, even squeezing them. If you get a “non Mr. Guinness approved” cantaloupe it is ‘crunchy’. God did not intend melons to be ‘crunchy’! Being an “ugly American” I asked the hispanic clerk at the Walmart Produce section if I could split it open and check to see that it was ripe.

       (No sense of humor those Walmart folks, and no sympathy either, I told them the handcuffs were hurting my wrists, but do you think they would loosen them even a little bit?)

      WEll gotta go for now.

     Incidentally this is according to my computers calculation, the 499th blog I’ve written, so my “soon to be a classic” , 500th blog will be next,…..I hope both of you stay tuned for it!


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