Posted by: guinness222 | March 14, 2010

Danger!!! Washington DC is sick!

      This is a very short post, otherwise I will turn very ugly!

      Happened to find a video as I was “trolling” with a newscaster interviewing  the idiot Senate Majority Leader Reid, who had the brazen gall to tell him that the United States tax system was a “voluntary” one! The interviewer then asked , so if we don;t pay our taxes that is ok,….right?

       I got dizzy watching Reid back-pedal his way out of that. “You don’t understand, in some countries in Europe the government takes the taxes right out of your pay, before you ever get it. And all you have left is what you have to live on, you see? Now here in America you get to choose whether you apy your taxes,…that’s the voluntary system.” (DUH!! What bus did this clown think we fell off?) When asked again more specifically, “So if I don’t want to pay my taxes it’s ok with the government, because as you said it’s voluntary,…right?”

        “Well there are penalties and interest and all,……” Boy this dude is tripping BIGTIME, and it is obvious every single stinkin’ brain cell he ever possessed is gone,…ZAP,….vaporized.

        THEN, I find another video of the same reporter interviewing a U.S. Congressman. They are talking about the National Debt of the United States. This equally braindead BOZO makes the statement that ” the national debt is a meassure of our countries wealth”. (Even little ol’ pea-pickin’ me understands the olny measure of  your wealth is by SUBTRACTING your debt from your wealth, or assets!)  Well shut my mouth if the reporter does not say to him, “So you’re saying the more we owe in interest on our national debt the wealthier we are,…is that correct?” To which the idiot on our payroll in Congress says,…”Absolutely!” the reporter presses even more and the Congressman interrupts him and says “Obviously you have never studied economics,…have you?” To which the reporter says “Yes in college.” But the illustrious Congressman counters with , “So you have a Doctorate in Economics,……NO? Then maybe a Masters in Economics?. Clearly you don’t know what you are talking about.”

       The Congressman is from Califirnia, (that figures, huh?)


       Position Wanted : Benevolent Dictator of a small country, you work, you make money, you eat, you get educated your work harder, you get to buy a house, you DON’T?  WE the country will, at no cost to you, provide a free tombstone, professionally engraved with the motto of our Brave NEW  World,…….”OOPs! Another one bites the dust,….TOUGH SHIT!”

    Gotta go the bloodpressure has already exceeded the capacity of the machine to measure!


       Well 500 blogs about life, maybe I’m old enough and ornery enough to become a political commentator,….someone has to do it for real and remind everyone that “There is no free lunch”

      NEW QUOTE: “Socialism is fine,….until you run out of other peoples money.”


  1. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha…

    Make sure you get at least six time zones away, plus do NOT drink the water. Obviously the water contains stupid drugs over there.

    Just what is going on? Are you msking this stuff up?

    • Sims, You would not believe this bunch of totally incompetent clowns we have in Washington. I can honestly say , and even as opinionated as I am about matters, these idiots listen to no one, and I mean no one. There is a massive third party effort (The Tea Party) trying to organize, but all they are going to do is split the Republican vote. This is turning into pure unmitigated SOCIALISM, regardless of what we do. Obama’s people have literally hi-jacked the internet and communicate via internet messages to all their supported at least three times a day. They warn doom and gloom for the entire world if the “loyal lackeys” don’t step up and do this or do that. I personally know more people who have invested in several guns and others who are really wealthy, that are putting all their shit off shore and scanning the planet for other places to live as I write this. Like every revolution there is quiet repression of the “enlightened” and rabid support for the liberals as being the “caring” citizens, the “patriots” of our country, the (to steal a phrase we have both heard before) “heroes of the revolution”. IT IS BAD, just flat bad. The socialist train is running on open throttle as they have the majority of the House of Representatives, The majority of the Senate, and “Commissar Obama” heading up the White house. When the Supreme Court Justices sit at the “State of the Union Address” shaking their heads “no” and a Representative of the People from the House of Representatives explodes over a blatant lie and calls the President of the United States a “LIAR” on nationwide live TV during the address,….well you know the shit is getting very close to the fan. The biggest problem is we do NOT have any Charismatic opposition leaders to go against him and his machine. His machine makes former Mayor Daley (the original) of Chicago, former Governor Curley of Massachusetts and old Billy Bulger look like rank amateurs. Actually I do not believe it’s him, he hasn’t enough brains to pull this whole ruse off, there is a “shadow” power, or puppeteer pulling all the democratic strings now that they have the power and potential to solidify their hold on this countries throat for the next fifty years. The government is now the largest stock holder in General Motors, Chrysler Corp, Bank of America, Citi Bank, and has complete control of our financial markets. We are being told we are coming out of this recession very well, yet not a single job has been added to this country, in fact we are still losing them every month. They say unemployment is only 9.7%, but they are not counting a single person whose unemployment has run out, and those who have just given up looking for the non-existant. I REALLY am worried Jim,….really worried. Tom Corcoran

  2. “Actually I do not believe it’s him, he hasn’t enough brains to pull this whole ruse off, there is a “shadow” power, or puppeteer pulling all the democratic strings” + ” The government is now the largest stock holder in General Motors, Chrysler Corp, Bank of America, Citi Bank, and has complete control of our financial markets.”

    Consider the above and you’re almost equipped with a real analysis of what is going on, at least in my most humble view.

    What is the difference between those large corporations owning the entire roster of the members of the government or pieces of paper stating the government owns those corporations?

    Actions speak louder than words or pieces of paper.

    Democracy in the USA has been an illusion since, perhaps 1910 or so.

    Interesting that people are thinking about jumping ship and heading overseas. Thinking and doing are two different things however.

    Are many actually doing it?

    Personally, I have three months lined up in Cornwall, then maybe a few months in Helsinki if things fall in place. Then back here for the Winter I guess.

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