Posted by: guinness222 | March 22, 2010

“Yes Comrade, you will be taken care of,…trust me.”

       Perhaps we are no longer fit to be a strong country. Perhaps we deserve to should be passing out Phd’s in the third grade, (to encourage the children to go on to ‘higher’ education). And perhaps we can now rest comfortably in the security that our first Imperial Commissar, Mr. Obama has put his official seal of doom on the American people.

       Do I sound annoyed? Hope to shout I am!!

       The 1100 pages of the actual bill has been fully read and soundly reviewed by every single one of the “representatives and senators” of our country. (yeah sure!)

      Much like   all the rest of this “bull shit” that our government does for us, the BIG question is who is going to pay for it?

     And God help the “illegal aliens” I see standing in line ahead of me to pick up their “free” prescriptions at the pharmacy, and I still have a “Co-pay”.

     Just a quick recap here. We bail out all the banks, stock brokerages and investment bankers by dumping money on them, we just solved all the healthcare access and treatment problems for everyone here in this country, we in essence have “nationalized” our largest manufacturing giants, the automotive companies, (well at least two of them. BUY a FORD screw GM and Chrysler!) AND the best part we did all of this with absolutely no consideration of the cost and of who is paying for it!

        Not only that but the banking industry has decided “We the People” are not “credit worthy” as individuals and small businessmen, so they won’t give out any money unless (love this fantastic great new term) you are a ” highly qualified buyer”. WTF????? To become a highly qualified buyer you have to completely not need a loan. Again WTF???????

         I’ve made my decision that the sole and single criteria we as Americans should use at future elections is the “Asshole Index”. Every politician who voted “for” either the banking bailout, or the healthcare bill is out of office on their asshole at the next election. We’ve seen tee shirts with words, “So how’s that hope and change thing working out for you?” Maybe that should be our new “revolutionary uniform”.

         It’s been 234 years since we had a good revolution and the time is getting a lot closer for one. Where we can beat our politicians into “plowshares”, give them five acres of land and a pound of seed and the self same “free” health care that we will be getting,  and say “Have at it dude, let me know about that ‘hope and change’ thing in a couple of years”.

         I am just totally disgusted with it all. Grow up you idiots and look at the real results, or ramifications of socialism as seen the Eastern European and Asian areas.

        You earn freedom, usually with death and bloodshed, and I sincerely hoped we would not go that way again,….but it is looking as though it is inevitable.

        BTW, I am out and about all the time, I spend a considerable amount of my time chatting with folks, and how come with all these “victories for the people” I can’t find a single one of the “we did it” folks? Remember the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for,….you might just get it!”

       And also am I still the only idiot on the earth that has watched the Imperial Commissars troops just use the internet over the political process itself.

      We need strict term limits, not career politicians, and they need to get everything they give us and not a measure more. Let’s see them working on the same health care benefits as the man with three kids a wife, a mortgage, and a positive outlook for finding a job anytime,… soon,…..NOT!!



  1. Incomprehensible
    Plain stupid

    Beyond mind boggling to me. Why haven’t all of them, both parties, been tossed out?
    Author Michael Lewis On Wall St’s Delusion

    Author Tells “60 Minutes” What Led to Wall Street Collapse and Who Predicted It;contentBody

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