Posted by: guinness222 | April 16, 2010

“Oh no! Not again!”

      My wife decided to quit her “hobby job”. She has been working a couple of nights a week in a womens clothing store at the mall parttime. I made her do it 10 years ago when she refused to learn that the cats don’t give a shit and when she is ranting about me leaving a glass or a plate in the livingroom, or the “collage” of reading material all over the coffee table in “piles”, they would just roll over and go back to their nap. You know what that means (taken from my neverending book called “What planet are you from?,….a guide to understanding women”) , it means now she has been ignored. When you ignore a woman it can only end two ways, neither one of which id good. You either come home to cold gruel and water and large large, large amounts of total silence occasionally broken by long plaintive sighs,……or you walk in to a force four tornado, a Catagory 5 Hurricane, or a HUGE rogue wave. for me it’s always been the force 4 tornado. She starts ranting and raving and talking about how she has to spend hours cleaning up after me and washing, and cooking etc. etc. etc. and how I don’tlift a finger to help. (How totally untrue! You have to lift a finger, in fact several to put the ear-plugs in.) Why? Because the damn cats didn’t pay attention and suitably apologize to her six hours earlier. But noooooo! They just roll over and go back to their nap. (Guys, we gotta stick together,….every once in a while you gotta “take one for the team”, you know? Hello are you guys napping agian I’m talking to you! Shoulda got a dog!)

         Anyway it gives her female compainionship a couple nights a week, has always gotten her a HUGE discount on clothes she buys there (That alone was worth the price of admission from my perspective!). But unfortunately it means a couple nights aweek I have an empty house to come home to and have to fix my own supper. OR I could simply stay longer at the Pub, order a small salad with REAL dressing and bacon bits,… and go ahead twist my arm,….ouch,….another pint of beer. Hey I hate comeing home to a house with just two sleepy caps hanging out sucking up my hard earned cash on food and medication. And I have to go to the market and buy it,…the lazy sluts just lye there and nap!! I want to come back as a cat I think.

       I started my “low key marketing” program yesterday and hope to get a couple more accounts for this year and then I’ll be all set. Speaking of which I have to go to Dallas to take a two day senminar to get the ok to work on my final Professional Designation as the ultimate Association Manager. The class is a Thursday and Frida and from f pm Friday I then have exactly 30 days to write a 150 page report, with picutres etc, of my answer for what to do for this Association that is the test subject. It then gets graded (pass or fail) by a Board of already there Super Managers and they decide if I “is” or I “isn’t” going to be admitted to the hallowed halls of becoming “da’ man”, the guru, the grand Pubba etc. May as well get it done now while time and moiney are available, becasuue being able to grab a 30 day chunk of time down the road is looking real poor.

       Short one today. The voting is close on the wine cooler, two no’s and one” eat more sushi”

       Tomorrow I’m going out looking for another 12 string guitar so I can become the next Mick Jagger (yeah right!), and some shelving for the garage so I can turn part of it into an archive for business records which by law I have to maintain for all these associations.

      Also some good legal news in that the law suit my Association is pursuing the main defendant has refused to mediate any more, that means their exposure to the “policy limits” of the $1 Million are gone, now ther is no cap on their liability so we are going after them for the full $6 Million dollars.

     Gotta go, maybe I’ll pop out another one this weekend.


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