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Insights to the World – May 6, 2010 vol. 1 #1

         Guess what? We all have our personal petty little problems to deal with, and our own emotions and “moral compasses”,….and I’m fast coming to the conclusion that putting all my petty little things out there is just “pissing up a rope” as they say around here. So I’ve finally after five hundred plus “blogs” in over five years made the decision to change the thrust and content of my blog.I’ve been toying with it for a while and just haven’t found the right “focal point”,….until now.

          First I want to change it  to be more generally readable, secondly to attempt to hit a wider audience, and thirdly, (since I’ve developed a number of “overseas” readers) get more and more wide reaching opinions as to their opinions on my “items”. (I will , as all Americans are prone to do, offer my viewpoint on overseas affairs as well from time to time. If you have any “dirt” shoot me a line and I’ll research it)

        For source materials I will be using a great magazine called “The Week”, “The Economist”, and CNN news as well as the “BBC” , not to be confused with the British Broadcasting Company, this “BBC” is the “Bar Buddies Conversations”.

       Let me expand on my “BBC” a bit more. There are numerous reasons to partake of alcohol. Grief, Fear, Broken Hearts, Boredom, Frustration, and,….well I could go on for a while, but I would like to hear from you, yes you, as to any valid reasons, (or maybe not so valid) as to why we drink. Furthermore we all know that some drink to oblivion, while others are “social drinkers”, there in is a crucial difference which the “BBC” will be aware of. (Someone who wants to “drink to oblivion” most likely has some very deep and overwhelming problems, and they really don’t talk much, if they do they simply rail against everything, whereas social drinkers love to talk, and will venture comments and REAL opinions very quickly, (as alcohol obviously smothers the “GIS” gene (Give A Shit), thought by scientists and other learned folks to be the cause of “political correctness”.

        Each “blog” I’ll try and present a couple of  “issues de jour”, and as always invite your comments and thoughts. If y’all do your part (hint,hint) I will gladly include some of them anonymously, unless you tell me you want your name or pseudonym attached. Shall we begin?

       1. U.K. – Lowering the voting age to 16 from 18. Well,…let me see here. That would be a “like duh! No way! “Leftist  ideology is deeply appealing to adolescent minds. After all, when you r parents pay for everything and you personally pay no taxes, why not support a massive welfare state?”, says The Week. And just as Americans in the Revolutionary War shouted , “No taxes without representation”, Englishmen (in politically correct circles is that “Englishpeople”?) should shout “No representation without taxation”.  

         If you can honestly give a 16 year old the right to vote,….well tell me why. It seems ludicrous. Now here in the States the age is 18, and aside from members of our military service who have to learn to grow up and be responsible “tout suite (sp)” and are tasked with giving up their life for our country, and deserve a say so, I’m not holding out much hope for conscious and logical analysis and study by 16-18 year olds for our leadership. It would be based on the “who is the coolest” scale, and that gives me shudders, how about you?

     #2 Albany NY – blocking a prisoner from release who knowingly infected two women with HIV, and according to his tally of infecting over 200 women and wanting to do more when he got out.

         Civil and individual rights are first and foremost, let him out. But make sure a “Welcome Home Party” is held and invite all of his infected partners, let them extract a little vengeance, “Some Jim Jones lemonade sir?”  How do you narrow down “who put the ding in the ramalama ding dong” ? Somehow that seems like a rather tacky “life’s goal” to pursue, or you could simply invite a few women with much worse “conditions” than HIV, the really hurting sore and painful things, and they may pass them along to him, sort of an empathy support group kind of thing.

     #3 – Speaking of Social injustice! Danish Brewer Carlsberg plans to cut it’s brewery workers right to drink on the job!  Can you believe that? As the great prophet John Lennon observed, ….”Imagine there’s no heaven,..”  Man this is a negotiated benefit in the Labor Union agreement between the workers and the management! Talk about down right illegal! Breaking a contract like that. Next thing you know they will be hiring 6 year olds on the bottling line for penny candies.

         800+ workers struck briefly over this and the Company said it wanted to limit them to only three beers at lunchtime. I’m all for beer at lunch, it’s civilized , but as one saddened worker put it,…”I need a beer when I take a cigarette break.”

         Local BBC (Bar Buddy Conversations) ranging from outright falling on the floor laughing to the much more sensitive and thoughtful “I couldn’t work for a company that is that selfish, and profit grubbing.”

         People of the world unite, this is a catastrophe in the making! If they succeed then after work the local pubs will be jammed, vast quantities of beer will be consumed quickly, to get home for supper and avoid sleeping on the couch for the night, the brewery will make even more money, and many many more impaired drivers will hit the road in the evening at rush hour than necessary or prudent, instead of just letting them  go on with their jobs and sobering up as folks usually do at the end of their shift. I am appalled!!

          #4 Bits and bytes – How about the Canadian publisher who just launched a pornographic magazine aimed at blind people with explicit braille text and raised pictures. (Ok,…I’m trying to imagine the soft lingering caress of a semi-colen, or the,…..ok, ok, ) The reason given, (I’d really want to review the business plan on this one)   “The blind have been left out in a culture saturated with sexual images.” Next I guess we’ll be installing the Stones amplifiers in deaf people disguised as “earrings”.

          (BBC comments were far too graphic and offensive to be published here, but I’m looking for a Braille translator and maybe we can get them in the next issue.

        There is hope for the religiously devout. A bank robber in Connecticut was clearly photographed by the bank cameras, and the stylish bright blue yarmulke, sort of made the investigation and capture easy. It must have been hilarious to watch all the Irish Catholic Cops going to services at the Temple on a “stake out”.

        And finally for the “Hemlock Society” advocates of the world, particularly the deep thinkers who develop an appetite contemplating world problems,….FLASH!! “The Colonel” is here to help! KFC (Kentucky Fried Cholesterol) has just introduced a new sandwich consisting of two fired chicken breasts wrapped around strips of bacon, layers of cheese joined with fluffy globs of  mayonnaise! No need for “fries” with that, and one public health activist has called it “potentially lethal”.

        Picture the “breaking news” story now: …..” Thirty-five year old Marion Smith and her significant other, Josh Manson were found in their car with an empty KFC bag between them. There were no apparent signs of violence, and no suspects at this time. Police are calling it an apparent lovers joint suicide after finding that Ms. Smith had just been refused for “lap-band” surgery. Stay tuned for pictures at eleven”

         Well folks that’s it for volume one,….any comments?


    PREVIEWS: next installment lead is “Catholics in Crisis” with exclusive “BBC” comments. 

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