Posted by: guinness222 | June 17, 2010


     Famous words from the great philosopher Chicken Little of course. But the oil hasn’t even shown up on our beaches and you would think we were knee deep in it and life had ceased to function. The point? Very simply too much communication.

      (Here comes the “old Fart” rant) As a kid, like three or four we got our very first TV. I blogged about it once before. The Channels (both of them) came on at about six or seven in the morning, and shut down around eleven at night. Why? Because folks went to bed, went to sleep, slept eight hours and then got up and went about their day from there. I think the day time was a concession to the housewives, of whom there were many, and the very first “electronic Nanny”. The early morning was nothing but a couple of news,weather, and cute oddities programs, then the “quiz shows” came on and went until just before lunch when those idiots tried to do a couple of “soaps” (who ever thought that would catch on, you had to watch them, not like you could simply turn up the volume and still iron and cook and the like. Then there were a few “kiddie shows” to keep us amused for a few minutes, and then the nightly news programs. After dinner a couple of “variety shows” you know, jugglers, comedians, signers, the entire gamut of “entertainment” sandwiched into an hour. On Friday night at ten there were boxing matches, Saturday there might be a bowling match, but that was it. We amused ourselves but did not really take it seriously. SO what’s your excuse?

         I wake up to a weather report on a TV channel that is 24/7 weather with my “Local on the eights” every bloody eight minutes, interspersed with talking weatherheads and “catastrophic conditions” somewhere else, like 6″ hail, 13,000 lightning strikes in the past three hours, video of automobiles in South America floating down the street at 25 miles an hour smashing and bouncing off things in the “torrential rain and flash flooding”,……but all’s good outside my window, because I check before I open the door. I certainly would not want to be hit by one of those lightning strikes, or grabbed and whisked away in one of those “flash floods”,…..guess it’s safe to go to work, (sigh!)

        Then the news starts permeating me, “Suicide Bombers in Baghdad or some other place I’ve never been, don’t want to go, and can only feel sorry for the “injustices and tribulations”. Oh yeah, almost forgot about the “Budget crisis” in Los Angeles, (or as we conservatives refer to it “Lost Angeles”), and the financial crisis and faltering economy and jobs reports. “480,000 new jobs were reported last month stemming the tide in declining employment figures” (DUH! 200,000 were part time census takers who will be back out of work in a couple of months and another 250,000 were folks hired to pick up “tarballs” from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, that makes only about twenty or so thousand real “jobs” created)

        I’m fast reaching the point that I believe all we get every day is more “gloom and doom”, and negative stuff. So my question is very simple. How do you live each day and try and stay current and not get totally depressed with all this SHIT?   I know sims,…… just don’t pay attention to it, but damn it I just can’t seem to do that.

         Why? simply because I am like that stupid robot “Johnny 5” from the flick “Short Circuit” I lust for more info, more data, more knowledge. For as much as I learn I am worse than an old heroin addict in that I must have more, and more, and more. Maybe I’ll see if Medicare covers a shrink. Hell if it’s free maybe I’ll give it a shot.

         It’s not like I’m really depressed or anything like that. Life is too much fun and there is always something new to learn every day,….hell that excites me, not depresses me. But I still haven’t answered the age old question asked of me some fifty years ago,…..”What are you going to be when you grow up?”

       It seems my needs get simpler, my “real” concerns get less and less, and I’m content to simply drink in some more life every day, regardless of what it brings.

      That’s why I like Pubs. Sure I like the beer and all that, but it is a real “snapshot” of life every day, particularly in an area like this where we have such a huge swarm of tourists along with the “locals”. Like yesterday for example, a couple of obviously well heeled guys came in, sat at the bar, and ordered a couple of inexpensive draft beers. (I noticed this was their third day in a row coming in and sitting in the same barstools as well) They chatted for a while and one of them commented that he was fine, so and so his “Doc” buddy had prescribed some antidepressant pills for him and he’d been taking them for a few weeks and felt a lot better. His buddy shakes his head and says “You know I gotta see my Doc and get some of them too. I’m so freakin’ depressed over everything I really need some.”

            From the outside they both looked healthy, well dressed, affluent, etc. but here they are swapping stories on Antidepressants!

           Well gotta have lunch and head for the gym. I find doing a couple hours on the treadmill watching the afternoon World Cup match is really relaxing. Today is France and Mexico. I’m pulling for Mexico, can’t stand the French after that cheap shot Zidane took four years ago.

        Tomorrow morning the U.S. plays Slovenia at 9:30 am my time, haven’t figured out my schedule for tomorrow but I’ll be watching it  and then the England Algeria match in the afternoon.

        Oh, love my new Droid, but becoming a bit of an “app head”


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