Posted by: guinness222 | September 9, 2010

“Faith in mankind renewed!!”

         I’ve always been a closet “writer”, and like the millions of us afflicted with this terrible syndrome, strive to write constantly, on everything I can, and see if any of it resonates with the general public. HOWEVER, as most of us are willing to concede,  both the level of writing, the level of “ability” to write, and the pop drivel we have the nerve to call “good” writing is a league away from it.

        And not just the written word, but virtually every form of creative endeavor,…..but I stumbled across an exception this morning as I trolled through the world news and headlines searching, as I do every day, for anything positive. While this is a major task these days occasionally you find a gem.

       Ever think about shampoo seriously? Sorry female readers I know this is a serious matter for you so I apologize up front should I offend you inadvertantly. But , speaking to the guys now, aside from the sexily dressed models, the long,…long,…flowing tresses and the “come hither” looks I think we can all agree a shampoo is a shampoo, even though the commercials can be an offshoot of “soft porn”,….but that being said,….

        Apparently in 2008 the Pantene people developed a commercial for the internet, for “youtube” in particular with a Japanese audience in mind. I stumbled on it this morning and I have to tell you it is a marvelous vignette of creative writing, superb filming and screenplay, and crosses all the language barriers, (as I only know “domo allegato” and “bonzai” in Japanese tongue.

       I am cutting this short so you may enjoy it yourself,…..and yes it is ok to tear up and even watch it a couple of times.



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