Posted by: guinness222 | September 11, 2010

“I love my Nook!!”

        Riddle of the Day: How do you walk seven miles and not even know you did it until you realize it’s “Happy Hour”!   (Ok so it’s Happy Hour somewhere in the world all the time, but my G3 (Gulfstream Luxury Jet) is in the shop so I have to wait for it to come around here in Florida! 😦 )

        Answer: Get an electronic book reader like the Kindle from Amazon, The Nook from Barnes & Noble, or the Sony e-reader, sign on at the local gym, charge your iPod to the max and fill it with an “Ambient Music Playlist” (My personal favorites David Arkenstone and Ray Lynch, both have a number of albums available on iTunes), get a good Clive Cussler or Tom Clancy Novel (fast paced killer thriller spy and action hero genres are best for the treadmill at “fast walk”, slow loping, or whatever it takes to burn off the calories you will consume later at Happy Hour).

        HOWEVER, that being said there are serious side effects, just like it says in the fine print they give at the pharmacy with your prescription medication. While reading will not cause diarrhea, constipation, dizziness, shortness of breath, panting  (well maybe in a few of the steamy ‘relationship’ sections), severe increase in blood pressure, headaches, or vomiting, etc. etc. etc. ‘ad nauseum” you will find yourself inexplicably turning the TV sound down, then after a week or two simply turning it off, and in some extreme cases not turning it on at all!

       So you start reading more, and at a faster pace, and with improved “reading comprehension” as the Nuns that used to yell at me all the time, said. Pretty soon you open your mouth and a multi-syllable word falls out and your Pub friends look at you and someone says, “Uh…What did you just say?” You then become as addicted to the reading as the “crack pipe” (not that I would know a crack pipe from a Corn Cob Pipe personally,…well not quite true I found one a few years ago and asked a friend “What the hell is this thing, it looks gross?”)

       Pretty soon you start looking for” more meaningful” books to read, and relegate “Dirk Pitt”, “Jack Ryan”, and ” Jason Bourne” to a “silly non-redeeming just need to stop, crash and relax, and chill” escape mechanism. So what do you do then?

      Well, some folks just start “prowling” the book stores stalking new authors or other genres, but I hate to spend the money on a book and find out later about six chapters into it, that I’m just not “hookin’ up” with it. So,… a few weeks ago I was prowling the Book Store (my local Barnes & Noble) and came across a two inch thick “Trade Softcover” called “Compact Classics -Vol II , Book summaries of the Classics”. So I thumbed through and found a basic two page, (minute print size) summary of literally thousands of books, grouped in to “Libraries” by genres, categories, periods and a dozen other subcategories. COOOOOOL!!!!!

     So now if I am wanting to explore Zen Buddhism, or Ayn Rand, or Shakespeare I get “follow up” recommendations for additional reading as well. Don’t run out to your local store folks, this went out of print over ten years ago,….but since the one I found was Volume II, I went to e-bay and Amazon and found a “like new” copy of volume I for only $4.14 plus $2.00 shipping from Minnesota! OK that’s a long way around to get to where this blog is really going,…so here we go!

      Long ago in a far off galaxy before I got married even, and was still in High School I remember being extremely taken by a novel by Ayn Rand called “We the Living”  It was a semi-biographical novel of three young, (18 to 24 year old ) people growing up in the Soviet Union after the revolutions. When I read a book and it still haunts me like that one from fifty years ago did,….well I broke a cardinal rule of mine and ordered it for my “Nook” electronic reader and will begin reading it this week. (Right after I finish this Clive Cussler novel and the entire world as we know it is saved and all is well again and we all live happily ever afterish).

      This was her very first novel, (check google for “Ayn Rand”) and it took a number of rejections before some publisher decided to publish it, and from there, as they say, “The rest is History”

      I’ll keep you posted as I progress, and re-enjoy.

     On another front, years ago, and I mean maybe thirty or forty I was seriously enthralled with the idea of opening a book store. Not a “Big Box” one, but a little friendly local bookstore where writers, neighbors, friends and anyone who had the intestinal fortitude to go “cold Turkey” from their TV would feel comfortable. I distinctly remember thinking that if you could combine a bookstore and the old “Coffee Houses” of the sixties generation, and sort of make it a “Pub for the Mind”, that it could be fun.

      Aside from the costs and logistics in this “Chain store” world we live in, let me know your thoughts,….and more importantly what would I need to do to make something like that succeed.

      As always,



  1. “what would I need to do to make something like that succeed.”

    A time machine.

    What would you sell? Books? People download them now.

    DL’d free audio books – Moby Dick and Leaves of Grass. I suspect you’d like both of them.


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