Posted by: guinness222 | September 27, 2010

The “givashits” are here.

         Little down today, why, I really don’t know, other than the world sucks! So the real “story behind the story”. As my dear friend sims observed , 90% of the rest of the folks in the world would envy the life I’ve led. But I’m feeling like the “dissident 10%”.

         I’m enjoying being a sarcastic son of a bitch, sorting out the world’s “important things” from the things that really ARE important is getting far too easy. I am enjoying the hell out of working out every day for 2 to 2 1/2 hours at the gym, reading a lot more for enjoyment rather than “education”, and spending my hour and a half at the Pub. Outside those rituals I really don;t care. It’s coming up on two months this week that I have not had any clients, despite making seconf cuts and then “vapor” , (read as no return calls, no rejections, no “We regret to inform you” letters, zero,…zip,….nada,…zilch!) What in the hell is wrong with people? Even a lousy form letter lets me move on with my life knowing I have a closure, good, bad or otherwise. But I guess today everyone is too busy on Facebook, Twitter, and the other “important” things to even drop an e-mail rejection even.

        I’m begining to think it may be time to say F**k a career, and just grab something that kicks a few bucks into the kitty each week and still allows me to enjoy what I like, workin’ out, good conversation and a few pints, and a good nights sleep knowing I didn’t hurt anyone today. Is that too much to ask?

        I’m too old to be throwing Molotov cocktails as part of the political upheaval, and I’m too damn smart to believe humanity really has a hope of escaping the social;ism they so truly want and haven’t got a clue what will happen when it does occur. Why are so many people so stupid? Like I mentioned in a post a couple ago my wife’s 93 year old friend was told by her useless son of 60 thatshe really can’t count on him to bury her so she better get some more life insurance to cover it. (Why do I think the scum-bag will just put her in a zip lock bag and drop her off at goodwill. After cashing the insurance check of course. )

        Then tonight I have to go to an Ecumenical Choir presentation that my wife is singing with. So off to the gym in a while for 2 1/2 hours of workout, hoist a few pints, home to shower and shave, get dressed and then off to the concert.

      My wife claims I’m set in my ways now and not interested in getting out and doing different things,….to which I ALWAYS reply, “Like What??” , usually that ends the conversation pretty quick. I’m really glad she has he two church choirs, her bookeeping job that she loves, and I work had to try and keep her happy,….but that doesn’t leave me much to write about. I guess I long for the days of the REAL coffee houses where you went and “conversed”, and learned, and socialized.

        I love the interchange of thoughts and ideas, something sorely missing in todays world. As I said I am not a “joiner” so much as I am an “instigator” , every good fire needs more gasoline on it to burn brighter, but unfortunately you can’t even fart without hurting someone’s feelings. GIVE ME A BREAK HERE!!!!

      Enough for a short rant for the day it is discouraging to see stupidity raging in our midst and running headlong to the edge of the cliff like lemmings! Case in point I went to the Vet to buy a bag of food for our cats. It is a “large” 8 popund bag, as opposed to the standard 2 pound bag. I called to confirm it had come in, (as they don’t stock it in 8 pound bags), they indicated it was there, and I also ordered some syringes for the cat’s insulin shots as well. (Don’t even go there I’m paying $100 a month for cat insulin, GOD an I a sensitive woose or what. All life is sacred I guess)

        Anyhow I also bring back the container with 100 used and spent syringes (call me stupid but I don’t think dropping them in my trash can would be a bright idea, and the Vet’s always tell you to bring them back and they can safely dispose of them.)

       Anyway I go in, put the obvious bag of spent syringes on the counter, tell the girl my name (they file stuff by my cat’s name, not mine so I have to smile and say “Smokey’s Dad”) She goes out back , brings back a brand new sealed container with 100 new syringes, and then goes back again to find the special order 8 pound bag of kat kibble, and retuirns with that. I hand her my credit card and she goes over and starts ringing up the order. She charges me for the 2 pound bag, not the 8 pound bag, even though she was holding the note attached to the bag a s she rang it up indicating it was an 8 pound bag and the prices was $28 as oppoesed to the 2 pound price of $10. The nurse going by looks at it and tells her she put in the wrong price and asks her to fix it. “How do I do that?” is the reply!!DUH all these years and you never made a mistake before?

        Get through that and she pushes the bag of used syringes back to me and I said “What am I supposed to do with these?” to which she says “I don’t know but they are yours, you brought them in didn’t you?”

        Save us !!!!!!     ‘Lizbeth, I’m commin’ as Fred Sanford used to say.


       I’m not even going to spell check this afterall isn’t the whole world “hooked on phonics”, so who cares if there are mispeeled wuds in it!


  1. “I’m begining to think it may be time to say F**k a career, and just grab something that kicks a few bucks into the kitty each week and still allows me to enjoy what I like, workin’ out, good conversation and a few pints, and a good nights sleep knowing I didn’t hurt anyone today. Is that too much to ask?”

    The more I read about the state of things over there, the more I feel that the slope is just too steep.

    Britain just ain’t gonna own the globe anymore – US ain’t gonna be as dominant as it was after WWll. Time Marches On.

    If you can find a job as you describe it might be the best thing Tommy. Kick back, relax with the aid of lots of physical exercise, enjoy pints and conversation.

    Who know… maybe after a few weeks/months of career detox you’ll start the book that you were destined to write 😉

    I hope you do.

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