Posted by: guinness222 | October 11, 2010

“Tied to the anchor,……or not!”

        Over the years we have all found a certain morbid fascination with “da’mob”. While operating “within” our countries it operates “without” our countries. You don’t find too many “Liberals” in the mob, a high degree of “Conservatives”, and let’s face it, an almost perfect model for business.

       For example, an extremely respected and in charge “Chief Executive Officer”(CEO), or “The Boss”, an unswerving focus on the major objective, which is identical to normal businesses as well, MAKE MONEY. A very good “Quality Control” department, afterall if quality declines, so does profit eventually. Would you buy your “coke” from a disreputable source, where the last fifteen folks a head of you all died from “bad production control” of the product. And lets look at some of the other things they have been able to stay out in front of legit businesses on with their operations. No high overhead , high rent storefronts in upscale malls, no wasted money spent on packaging and TV and Radio or Internet advertising, ….oh yeah, and EVERYONE is on a “straight commission” payroll basis, the harder you work, the more you sell, the more you make, as does everyone up the line in front of you!

        And let’s face it, a very sound and 100% effective personnel department which is unbelievably adept at solving disputes and personal problems and grievances all the time, every time. AND they all do make money,… my friend would say “Wadda country!!”

        Now in the unlikely event that you want to leave your job you do have options as well with the mob. Head first, feet first, or in pieces! But as long as you are doing your job, not complaining too loudly, not blubbering to everyone that will listen about the job and it’s ‘drawbacks’, learning to conserve your money, take care of your family, etc. well there is no need to worry.

        Unlike big business which simply calls the personnel department and you get a pink slip, an “early retirement” or a “down-sizing” offer for less money and more work, or nothing. If you get hurt in the line of duty just how much is a Fortune 500 Company going to do for your family. Certainly not like the Mob, who will be sure they are taken care of in your absence, be it 3-5 or 10-15. Medical expenses are nil in the mob because you can always “boost” a pharmaceutical shipment and “negotiate” with the local pharmacy for what you need in exchange for what they need.

        Oh yeah, and the best part is there are no income taxes, no annual returns, no citizenship forms, no “co-pays”, no “deductibles”,….so why aren’t we all working for the mob?

        Oh yeah, they kill people. Well maybe business does that as well. Overworking folks, not giving them adequate compensation and benefits resulting in massive stress levels and the age old problem of feeling “stuck” in a job. Or the unfortunate position of either getting well and getting back to work on their schedule, or not having a “work” to go back to.

         I’m fast reaching the point where the operational term is “screw it”, I’m beginning to look at downsizing my life style, (Not that I have a high lifestyle, drive a new Mercedes, have a maid to sweep the loose change up from the patio, or any of that) but certainly we “evolve” ourselves into this “golden box” that traps us until we die. Compare it to the “golden Handcuffs” of a job, IF you put up with it, and IF you put in your time, and IF you keep your nose clean,…maybe, just maybe there will be a “thimble” full of gold at the end of you r rainbow.

        Do I sound bitter? Naw, not me. The one great thing about America, (and I’m learning a number of other places as well) you CAN do what you want. We are all guilty of “amassing” goods and “things”,….far more than we really need to have or really can use, but we are like the old plains indians who used to raid wagon train parties and ranches, kill off the folks and take their scalps and hang them on their belt as sort of “status symbols”. (Doesn’t work for me,…Yuck!)

        But how many computers do I really need at the house? How many printers? Or what about simple stuff like tank tops of that “wicking” material to work out in, and $100 sneakers to go walking with at the gym.

        In some areas I am abundantly frugal, like cars. But we still have two of them. Why? So I can come and go when I need to and she can do the same thing, without having to depend on the other person to be somewhere so I can go somewhere, etc. Some days I would like to just have another Pint before heading home, and not go rushing home so the wife can go to Choir practice.

        I do subscribe to an e-mail newsletter called “Zen Habits” by Leo Babauta ( It is free, three or four a week, short, makes a hell of a lot of sense for minimalism as a life style, and is actually a little calming even to think that one can be happy and yet still live. I recommend it,(for whatever that is worth!)

        Maybe I have to realize that no one EVER gets out of here alive, hasn’t happened but once (if you are a Christian) in the entire history of the world, but most of the folks I’ve ever known who “go” I would have to say are not the happiest about leaving, regardless of their beliefs, education, or philosophy of life. I am sort of “considering” this minimalist thing, (amongst others) as an option, because we all have to have options, and as every business textbook ever written also extolls, you have to “keep your options open”.


   “Life is painting a picture, not doing a sum.”     – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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