Posted by: guinness222 | October 21, 2010

“Good morning sunshine, you sparkle today…”

          God  love sims, his quote to me yesterday was right on target,…””I’m glad my life is almost over – we lived through some of the best times whether we knew it or not”. (Sounds suspiciously like someone else sims,…was it really you?)

         Anyway, I found out this morning, AND CONFIRMED It that beginning in 2013 the new U.S. Health bill requires a 3.8% SALES TAX to be paid when you sell your home!! Just sort of “appeared” in the Law after it was passed, then finally someone read it! My decision for election day is now rock solid, and it’s simple,….”IF YOU ARE IN,…….YOU’RE OUT!!” Anyone running for re-election is never ever getting my vote. In two years they have screwed my country to the wall and ALL of it’s people for decades and generations to come, but I will go down fighting trust me on that.

          Looked up the definition of the word “sedition” -“an illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government”,…..yep, that’s what I thought it was, and if the ballot box does not do it in November then bend over stick your head between your legs and color your ass gone.

        This country better damn well smarten up.

        The 3.8% sales tax thing set me off, …why? Because most people work to buy into the American Dream, work hard, buy a home for their family, raise the family and then use the money they get from selling the home to retire and augment their income and live relatively stress free for the remainder of their days. Now the S.O.B.s want a piece of that as well. I’ll burn my house to the ground first before I pay that!

        (BTW, knowing our litigious insurnace companies so wimpy wanker will find this blog and deny my home insurance claim if the place should ever burn down, then probably sue me for damages!!!)

         I am seriously getting ready to bail out and find somewhere where I can be part of a positive country, one that wants to grow and work together for the good of the entire country. I am in the camp now that feels that the U.S. Government has seen it’s day and has moved us towards socialism “faster than a speeding bullet” to protect the politicians and preserve their way of life.

          Well that aside I’ve begun researching the roots of a new book I’d like to write. I won’t go into any detail just yet, as it is pretty convoluted and I need to hang together a number of items to make it not only viable, but a re-evaluation of the reality we are already confronted with today. (If you want a clue then figure out the meaning of the following word,…”Fadheria”.)   🙂

        Going to try and wrap up my other book in the next two weeks. Working title is “OK ,….I’m still here! Now what?” Its a non-fiction based on cardiac recovery and putting yourself back into life as a “new and improved” person, physically, mentally, and spiritually. (Hope it sells,….I need the money!)

         Not to beat a dead horse to death, but as I wrote about two months ago, we have seen our property soar in value from 2000, when we bought it, to 489% higher than what we paid for it by 2005, or 2006, only to have gone “upside down” on us in four short years to be worth only 85% of what we originally paid,…..and it’s still dropping! So having NEVER missed a mortgage payment, but now with my little company having no income whatsoever for the forseeable future, the absurdity of trying to get a job in high unemployment as we have in a “Tourist area” where the largest oil spill in United States history has scared them all away with no real upturn expected in the area for another couple of years, if that,  where real estate is crashing faster and harder than a “doomsday meteor”, I decided to approach my mortgage lender and see what the options are. Filled in their “easy on-line hardship application” and sent it in, and am awaiting a call from an “authorized agent” to discuss my request. (With the way things are running it will probably be some guy in a call center in Pakistan who passed the job skills test by smiling and saying “Base-a-ball beeeen gud to me.” Why do I sense more fodder for another blog coming my way.

        Skipped working out yesterday at the gym because I had a client interview at 10 am, spent three hours at the mall dropping off resumes and having intelligent conversations with dysfunctional “associate droids” then off to volunteer at the Emergency Room of the hospital for four hours. (Highlight of the evening, I met an absolutely gorgeous little blonde with the same birthday as mine! Ok so mine is in 1945 and her’s was in 2006,….she was still cute and bright, like me!)

         Also noticed my computer program told me to take a day off that I was “over-training” (?) Does that mean I can take on Schwarzenegger and win?

        Well off to do more research and as it is  I also woke up about three o’clock this morning, WIDE AWAKE, and a vivid memory of a guy on Public Radio who used to have a show on for an hour, Monday through Friday, and all he did was read a novel over the radio. (I used to love the show, listened to it in the background years ago while I worked,…..wonder if he is still around and whatever happened to the show?

       Having an active mind is a bit of a curse in that it never slows down, it never shifts “into neutral” BUT I firmly believe when it does then, and only then ,…you become an “old person”. Not anytime soon for me I hope.


     “The young man knows the rules but the old man knows the exceptions.”    – Oliver Wendall Holmes

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