Posted by: guinness222 | October 24, 2010


        I think maybe Tuesday will be “off the grid” as they say, for me. No computer, no internet, no television, no nothing,…..just go out and roam around for the day with my camera, shoot a bunch and then to the Pub around 3 or 4pm for a few pints then home to relax. (I wonder if I can do it? That’s a long time to be “alone”!)

        Joking aside, maybe I will just crawl off into the proverbial corner for a day and just think and meditate. Mentally I think I need the break. This always happens on my seven year “makeover”. I have to enter the “Morph Zone”, unplug my mind, my body, everything and just think and recharge. Usually I come out better even though it has nothing to do with how much money I have, (or have not), any work pressures, (whether I am working at the time or not), or any of the other “baggage” we all carry with us, 24/7.

        So what does it involve? That’s always a great question, not that I can answer it for you. Sometimes I come out all fired up with a wild ass idea that flies in the face of “common sense” , as my wife is fond of saying, (like a Mega Country Western Dance Club coupled with an Irish Pub!), or other times just a “same old, same old”, suck it up and plod along like all the other good doobies in the world, and occasionally I have come out like a self help junkie getting out of a three day “messing with your head” session.

         Where’s it going this time and why now are the two biggest variables for me to resolve this time. I stopped reading newspapers and have shied away from watching TV news over the past year. I increased the amount of time I studied the financial markets, stocks, ETF’s, etc. But in the past two months I’ve pretty much cut that off as well because it is obvious to me, (as it should be to anyone with an ounce of “thinking ability”) that all the financial markets are being manipulated by greedy Brokers, Bankers, and Economic “wannabes” (read as government idiots). While I am far from an expert on any of this stuff I fail to see how you, or I can make money if we can’t sit and watch the markets like a dog on a bone. The “Pro’s” have faster computers, contacts and every other thing necessary. Oh sure they give us a “taste”, but it’s like Las Vegas, sure you get the free buffets and the occasional “comped” room, but if you sit down and add it all up it really cost you a boatload of money for your free Tuna Fish and ultra tacky room, it’s called “sampling” and they know it, just like Wall Street, the Banking industry and all the rest of them. So what the hell is to learn, other than you just ain’t gonna ever have what it takes if you’re “Joe Average”.

         And God knows we may finally be realizing that it is Who you know as opposed to What you know, and your odds of a “fantastic career” are in that very small dynamic,….like it or not. Oh you can get a modicum of “success” but that is all you are going to be allotted, (unless you want to get down and dirty, cut someone else’s throat, cheat like a bastard and “share” with a bigger “Who” than you. (Sound cynical? Yeah I suppose so but it really is a reality,….if you have the guts to look at it. Maybe not if you are under fifty, you probably are still fighting, and want to believe you can climb over the “walls” and get into “the Garden of Eden” of business and success. But after fifty a reality begins to dawn, and just like the dawn.

        They say it’s always the darkest just before dawn, and that’s what it is like. There is a period where you finally get a few inklings that you are not going to be part of the “elite”. And I’m talking about business, socially, and any other  yardstick you apply. Do I “lust” to be part of the crew that is always on the local society pages for the “Masked Ball for the support of declawed racoon survival” or the “save the environment fundraiser” (which mostly goes to support the administrative costs of continuing the organization so the “elite” can wear their Tuxedo’s and gowns and get their pictures in the paper sipping a glass of Dom Perignon and showing off their Lilly white implants and “surgically enhanced” boobs)

        Am I bitter because I never made it there? Not really because I actually did for a short period, exclusive cocktail party invitations, private concerts and celebrity “meet and greets”, all the “perc’s” that go with being “special”,…..but I gotta tell you I hated it. I remember the day it hit me, I was thirty feet up, on the deck of a “Tall Ship”, sipping Champagne and “chatting” with the Captain and his Executive Officers and then I noticed a neighbor and his wife and child in a little 18′ boat going by and looking up at us with the mouths agape and then recognizing my wife and I and doing a “double take”. I waved and it was then I realized it was not a “Hey Bob, Mary, good to see you neighbor” wave, but a “Hello little people , yes it’s me, and see I acknowledged you” wave. That was not my style,….nor did I want it to become my style, sorry!

        Well, I’ll let you go because I have to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and head for the gym, then a couple of pints watching the football game later on today. I’ll let you know how it goes if you are interested.


“That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest. 

                            – Henry David Thoreau


  1. Tommy – New Years day will be 1-1-11

    I’m going swimming that day, like sort of baptizing or something. Starting over, renewal. That’s my idea.

    Locals will probably lock me up, they stop swimming end of September! Damn cowards.

    1-1-11 is a great date to start something new.


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