Posted by: guinness222 | October 26, 2010

“I’m a failure!….:(“

      I couldn’t do it!! The other day I said I was going to go “off the grid” and not be on the computer, my “droid”, my nook, or watch TV, etc. today. Well that shit lasted a good 40 minutes! I’m a failure 😦

      BUT the good thing is it scared the hell out of me to realize how “hooked” I am electronically to the world and everyone. It’s damn scary, let me tell you, but it did give me an idea for a blog,….”Things I like about being “connected” “, so here we go.

   1. One of my favorite things is listening to new age/ambient music as a part of everything I do, reading, exercising, eating, writing, researching, etc,…..even sleeping. In fact I wake up when the music stops, is that sick or what! I have an iPod just for bed with a bunch of music, but four “new age/ambient” playlists. This is what I listen to when I want to “zoneout”, sort of a drug hit without the hangover or option of losing it. Generally I start with a five out playlist when I go to bed and then about three am when it stops and I automatically wake up I hit either a three or two hour one, depending on when I want to get up,… that sick or what?

     2. My ‘puter! ‘Nough said, I am a research junkie. Throw me a bone and in a few days I will have it totally researched documented, quoted and stashed away in my “later when I want to write a book on it there it is” file. (Unfortunately I think I have ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, and always have, even before it was popular. The Nun’s and Brothers in school used to simply say I was “a smart, but very scatter-brained student”, but that’s because there is so much out there and so little time to explore it all! 🙂

      3. I just signed a unilateral peace treaty with HTC , the makers of my EVO-4G Droid  Cell Phone. It was not a happy signing, but I have to wait 12 more months to get to the end of my contract with them and pray every night that Blackberry and RIMM can get over their attitudes and develop a B’berry with a touch screen as big as the droid and all the really neat apps. (Here’s a list of my favorite Droid apps, 3001 Wisdom Quotes, you  tube, instant heartbeat, zen timer, before I die (bucket list app….most cool), Beer Gut fitness (really. It lets me record the exercise calories I’m burning and then deduct virtually any type of beer calories from it, you gotta love that 🙂 ) and not one, but TWO cameras, an 8mp regular and a second that points back at you (it’s 3mp) Come on B’berry I’m giving you a chance here,….just do it! (I won’t go to Apple as I can not tolerate AT&T the only currently authorized carrier, maybe when Verizon gets them this spring I will rethink it, BUT Apple and Micro-soft do not play nice together and unfortunately if you are in business you are joined at the hip to “the Evil Empire” in Redmond, Washington.

          4. My nook! An e-reader made for Barnes & Noble, my preferred book seller, it blows my mind how I have my entire library at my finger tips  everywhere I go in a device only a s big as a trade paperback, AND I can lend them to others who have a nook. (I got an “underground” book on how to “hack” the nook so I can get books from other sources as well, but I have to figure it out first.)

         5. Of course the “boob tube”, or TV to watch what the Federal Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission back in the 50’s or 60’s refered to as “the vaste wasteland”. OLD FART OBSERVATION: As a kid I remember there only being two channels on the tv and using “rabbit ear” antennas  and constantly having to get up and adjust them to clear the picture etc. But we were happy it was “TV”. Now I get almost three hundred channels on cable, ( used to have a satellite as reception and cable here was lousy when we moved here 12 years ago and got almost two hundred, PLUS satellite radio) but you know what? The number of channels simply means more of the “same old, same old”. I think if we could have 1,000 channels it would still be the same old lame comedies, sit-coms, reality shows (PLUEEEEZE NOT) and the worlds largest collection of talking heads and dumb commentators.

        5. Almost forgot my mainstay, my Polar, watch/heart monitor/exercise monitor with GPS and distance calculator. See I told you I was pathetic when it comes to gadgets, but this one keeps me healthy and all, plus it’s my “arch nemesis” as I compete with it all the time. I push myself to push it. 148 miles last month, burned off 24,475 calories (divide by 92 calories for a Micholob Ultra and that’s a cool 255 bottles of beer and still break even 😉 (And no I don’t drink that much, but I firmly believe in the carrot and the stick, and rewarding positive behavior,…even if it’s my own.) And over 254,000 steps (oh yeah, got a digital pedometer as well.

          Well “dropping off the grid” sounded like a do-able thing but alas (sigh) I guess some of us are simply too weak to do it for more than a couple hours. BUT in my defense I can probably learn more new “stuff” in a day than most college kids can learn today in a month.  I still want my Bachelors and Masters degree just to hang on my wall, but I have a hard time deciding what to major in, and that level of learning requires specialization which to me is B-O-R-I-N-G!!

            Truly a Jack of all trades, but clearly a Master of none, but I can carry on great conversations on just about anything, anywhere anytime, but I especially like Pubs because they are truly learning experiences as everyone coming in to have a pint and relax is a story unto themselves.


    “Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, and gnaw it still.

                              -Henry David Thoreau


  1. Dude – you need 10 days at sea. Get on a sailboat, real life is where it’s at.

    I’m thinking Trans-Siberian Railway next SUmmer after S. Pb.

    Riga Latvia – S. Pb. – then eithe TSRR or Helsinki.

    Get off that damn cuch dude.


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