Posted by: guinness222 | October 27, 2010

“Gramdma most definately did not get run over by a reindeer!”

       A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about a woman I know who is under 50 and a “grandma”. I’ve known her for a number of years and she waits tables in the Pub I frequent. Yesterday I was enjoying my pint and chatting with a friend from Tennessee who had just come down and as she went by she said, “When you get a chance I left a couple of pictures there for you, check ’em out.” I of course said yes and went back to my conversation with my friend and after a while he left with his girl friend to go have dinner. I turned back to my little “notebook” with my cell on top of it and noticed the two pictures that, well we’ll call her “Jill”, had slide under them.


        Now there are many suppositions as to what happened to “grandma”, some say she went to “Shady Glen” to  spend her final days, others still swear she “got run over by a reindeer”,….but……I assure you “Jill” is both a grandmother, has no reindeer scars on her, works out at the gym I go to four days a week, hustles tables six days a week, just bought her first Motorcycle (thanks to BP’s kind contribution to the wait people of our region for the money they lost due to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill this past summer), and is enjoying life, but most certainly not at the Shady Glen Rest Home!

        Why is it I think I may have been short-changed in the Grandmother department?


        Now back to reality! Working at the Emergency Room tonight for 4 hours as a volunteer, I’m finding I like it, and I do feel like I’m giving a little back to my community. REMEMBER I’ve never lost a patient yet, so be good and take care tonight, or I might have to save you! 🙂

        Been doing a considerable bit of research and breaking in a new exercise regimen as well, (hey, if I can’t find a job what the hell else is there to do?) I’m not used to not getting a job. I am obviously over “qualified”, and I obviously “have a great knowledge of retail operations”, and my references are “very impressive”, and my professional credentials are “highly indicative of your motivation and education”,… hire my ass for something! I don’t want (actually can’t get) unemployment because I am (was) “self-employed”.

        I’m going to write a letter to the professional organizations I’ve been supporting, and whose courses, testing, and credentialing I have been availing myself of for the last eight years and simply ask them to explain it to me. (I promise to try and be objective, no sour grapes, and just point out the facts that seem to indicate their only purpose seems to be supportive of themselves, and sure as hell not it’s members!)

       Well it’s a short post today because of my own “time crunch”, but I leave you with another picture of “Jill” and a friend and ask you,…..”Did you’re Grandmother look this good?”

-30- 😉

       “All would live long, but none would be old.”      – Benjamin Franklin

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