Posted by: guinness222 | October 28, 2010

“HELLO, I want to work!!! What part don’t you understand?”

         As I said a few blogs ago, I am looking for a job to sort of “bring home some bacon”, albeit not a pound but enough to provide nourishment, and the world is filled with automated IDIOTS!!!

        We have one of those “great outdoor sports” places here and when my wife got her hair cut yesterday the girl in the next chair said “Oh they are hiring for Christmas.” . So she tells me and this morning I “beat feet” down to put in an application. Who do I meet as I enter the place ( Think Walmart style, “Hi! Come on in to enjoy the Great Outdoors”, but he looks familiar!), and I ask for an application. It’s only three pages (!!) so I decide to fill it out there. All the while I’m racking my brain to remember who the “greeter” at the entry is.

       Come to find out, when I awkwardly walked over and said, “I know you , but I can’t remember your name, I’m sorry.” He told me and lo and behold he was a member of the local Rotary Club when I was President! We chatted and he, who had been a professional writer when I knew him, had been “downsized” from his position selling advertising for a local “slick”, “movers ‘n shakers” monthly in favor of a gorgeous chick with long blonde hair, big teats, and an eighteen year old giggle that didn’t know SHIT! So he looked, and looked, and looked, and finally wound up standing their at the entry smiling and saying “Welcome to the Great Outdoors” to pay his bills, or at least part of them!

        Anyway, as I was filling in the application there was a third sheet attached that asked if I was” knowledgeable  (1) or and expert (2) in each of the following”, then went on to list crap I’ve barely ever heard of! For example, “saltwater, or freshwater fishing” , “lures or live bait”, trolling motors or outboards bow or “black powder” hunting,………DUH!!!!!!!

         I’m a damn city boy. I can sell the shit out of anything, to anyone,…but know what it is or actually use it,….no way Jose!

         They wanted to know if I was familiar with “RV’s”, or “tent camping”, hiking or “trail breaking”, and a bunch of other stuff. I’m thinking “Do I have to do this shit or what? I’m willing to sell whatever you got, to who ever comes through the door, but actually use it myself? NO WAY!!

         You see “camping out” to me is arriving at the Hyatt without a reservation, (i.e. “run of the house”), and the closest I want to get to some slimy fish is on my plate with a little basil and lemon,….I know my place in society! I am neither a hunter, nor a gatherer, I am proudly able to say I am an “Enjoyer”. Remember without me you couldn’t sell your stuff, and would have to sit home and eat it all by yourself,….for a long time, without me.

       “Oh no Dad, not Chilean Sea Bass again, this is the third time this week, and don’t even mention the Venison tenderloin. That’s BAMBI Dad,….how sick are you?

      So I take it I will not be getting a call from the “Outdoor World” personnel department soon,…..unless they really want to sell their shit and stop with the “talk the talk” B.S..

       Well time for lunch, then the gym for five miles and some strength exercising this afternoon.

       Remember life could be a dream,….dump the Dems!!


     “Leaders are responsible not for running public opinion polls but for the consequences of  their actions”        –   Henry Kissinger

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