Posted by: guinness222 | November 2, 2010

“Why bother to vote?” Easy,….because you can!”

        Even last evening, the night before our “mid-term” elections here in the United States the conversation at the Pub was running hot and heavy about the need for change. Some of the old naysayers were still adamant that it really made no difference, but myself and a couple others were equally adamant the other way. I did not vote for Barrack Obama, nor a single Democrat for the past ten years at least. Why you ask, (well even if you didn’t here’s why) I believe life is what we make of it. Some are greedy and enough is never enough, others have “low expectations” and don;’t mind being disappointed, but regardless of where you fall in the curve, you have that right!

        While the Democrats tout their position for the deprived and down trodden,…. they go about it the wrong way. They legislate like a mother with a whiny crying kid in a department store, just give them something, anything so they won’t whine any more,….. nothing more, nothing less. 

       Now don’t assume just because I said that  that I am a Republican either. The failed premise of the Republican party seems to be,….”We know there are “weak links” in this world, and while we won’t interfere with them it is not our job to try and change them, or make them better, our job is to see that the economy makes huge profits and investment returns and grow as big and as fast as possible, regardless of any adverse “bumps” in the road that we encounter.”

          So you have the party of “Kumbaya” who plan to take care of everyone and everything, whether they want to be taken care of or not, and the party of the “Conglomerate” who hasn’t got time to fix people s ills, but has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) when it comes to the amassing of capital,….regardless of the number of wounded or missing troops.

         Then you have the party of fairness, that’s me. I give whomever is elected the benefit of the doubt, I may not like them, their policies or their tactics, but they only get two years, and then I have the responsibility of writing their “Report Card” and assigning the “remedial tasks” to try and get some improvement. How? Well this year is is very, very simple. Our countries fiscal and political policies and players are absolutely “F” students, so my decision?

        “Everyone goes”. The Democrats had their chance, and the “hope and Change” has failed miserably,….so out they all go an all Republicans get a vote to try and change it as well.

         Now Florida has a quirky thing where all Judges have to be re-elected as well. As the last bulwark of defense against violating out founding documents and State Constitution they also screwed up big time. About three weeks ago they voted to NOT allow the citizens of this State the Right to Vote on accepting or rejecting and repealing the Obama Healthcare Bill.  WRONG decision! Every single one of you Judges received a solid vote a la Trump style…..”Judge. You’re Fired! Get out.”

      Go Donald, Go Donald!

     Oh yeah, and I got a call late yesterday afternoon from the “Home Improvement SuperStore” asking me to appear for an appointment with the Store Manager at 8:30 AM Thursday morning to see if he wants to hire me to work the 8pm to midnight shift four days a week stocking shelves. Be still my heart, I hope I can sleep tonight and tomorrow as the anticipation of seeing a “live” person to discuss a job! (sound sarcastic? You bet you’re bippy it is!

       Well, got some errands to run and then back for lunch and off to the gym. Re-calculated my miles for 2010 and I will go over 1,000 miles by this Saturday latest, possibly even Friday, only 22.6 miles left!


    “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.”    

                                                         – Edmund Burke

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