Posted by: guinness222 | November 23, 2010

“I don’t want to know!!!!!”

        Again this morning as I was doing my morning computer thing and sipping my coffee I realized we have outlived our ability to function in this society anymore,…and I’m not just talking about me,…but all of us human beings! There is just to much to process anymore,…period. We can not keep up with it and remain stable or semi-intelligent. Let me cite a few examples; (all from this morning’s world)

      1. North Korea pissing on South Korea, shots fired

      2. Jawbone on Aruba allegedlybeing Nathalie Halloway from 2005, info to be released later.

      3. Stock market down 151 points,….just because

      4. Two key members of Obama Economic staff bailing out

      5. Cheerio’s or Whole Grain frozen waffles for breakfast

      6. No more damn coffee left it’s not even 10 a.m. and all 12 cups are gone

      7. Where can one bury a neighbors body so it won’t be found until the Second Coming

      8 and on,…and on,…and on but you get the point.

       Oh yeah and a blurb that 5000 more bank branches are going to be closed! (….and a partridge in a pear tree.)

       God love the new Credit Card laws that Obama’s Demo(ns) passed. They have taken the standard 8.5″ x11.0″ monthly bill and blown it up to 8.5″ x 14″ (More trees die to make credit card bills fairer (?); Remember when the whole world beat the shit out of the legal profession to “standardize on 8.5″ x 11.0” paper? So why are we changing that? Also, I had a credit card payment due Saturday morning, but because all the banks are closed on Saturday and Sunday, I opted to make my payment by computer on Monday morning. Soooooo at 8:45 a.m. I go to my computer to make a payment and voila the assholes have already whacked me with a $25 late fee!!  Oh and I think I may have noted a month or two ago that I got an invitation to get a “guarantee issue” (whatever that means) credit card and the annual APR was on 59.9% (What do you think, should I get one for the cats too?)

       Other small things that happen that annoy me are shit like, there are painters doing the trim on our townhouse, I go to the gym the other day and come home about four hours later and notice a three inch wide, four foot swab of paint on the walkway, and it’s already dry. Then I notice a fifteen foot row of paint drippings from the trim all over the hedges for their length along the walkway. (Not to worried there as the landscapers will whack the hell out of the bushes in the next month or so), but no painters in sight. So the next morning I’m looking for them to show up, which they don’t. Three days later I spy one dragging a ladder across the front lawn so I nicely go out and ask if they know about the stripe on my walkway, which of course they didn’t, despite the fact that there was three of them putting up plastic and paper so as to avoid any over spray, and then painting it all, and then later removing all the plastic, paper and tape swatches they put up. (LESSON TO BE LEARNED: All painter are optimists because they are always looking upward. 🙂 ) But the painter says “Oh I see it now, we;ll come back and get it up a little later this afternoon.” True to his word they came back, pulled out a rag and tried to wipe up the paint which was now four days old and totally dried. Of course needless to say that was not working, so they poured a little water on it and tried again, no results. Solution? Stand up scratch your head, shrug your shoulders an leave! Is it worth complaining about any further?

      Ok and tonight my wife has a “Thanks giving concert” that I will be attending, the tenth annual one that she has been in so far, and by the way Episcopalians are gluttons for punishment, no padding in the church pews, and no standing, kneeling etc. like us Catholics who at least get a chance to have a “seventh inning stretch”.

      Well got to do some research for a friend of mine. He is a noted Classical conductor who has written a number of full symphonies, conducted world wide, etc. But when my wife and I ran into him Saturday night at a presentation of the Nutcracker I asked him if he ever did any O’Carolan who was a noted Classical Irish composer, and he said he never heard of him!  Gotta send him a few things to check out I guess. (My lot in life ,….educating noted world renown classical orchestra conductors to other famous Classical Composers besides Ludwig, Johann, and the usual cast of characters,….(sigh) someone’s gotta do it.)

     So as we part for today dear friends let me just reiterate how much I enjoy my electronic reader, Since March my library has expanded from six books to over fifty, and yes I read them all.

      I think if I hit the lottery, or find oil in my back yard, I’ll just burn all my computers, ( save one to read and write blogs), get a new Lazy boy recliner, with built in body massagers, a small wine fridge (split temperature sections of course for both reds and whites) for next to my recliner, a totally bodacious stereo system for classical and new age ambient music, and “chill for a month” before going any further in life,…..then maybe I’ll go conquer a small Island nation in the Caribbean , proclaim myself President for life and live quietly ever after. (See I got a plan!!)

-30-  🙂

   “Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.”         – Benjamin Disraeli – British Prime Minister

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