Posted by: guinness222 | January 14, 2011

“Chesnuts roasting on an open fire…..”

         I have a new morning ritual as of this week,…I get up and grab my cell phone, flip on the GPS and verify that I am indeed in Florida!! Why, becasue I’m freezing to death here. The temps have been starting in the morning in the mid 20’s, and by the heat of day they sometimes get up to 50 degrees! I moved to Florida 14 years ago to be like the rest of the old farts, warm, lightly clad, and sun tanned,… but for damn sure it ain’t happenening that way this past couple of weeks. I am so glad I took my leather jacket with me, and being a fifty some odd year “yankee” (slang term for a northerner who moves to the south, if you don’t just visit but decide to stay , as my wife and I did then you are a “damn Yankee”.

        Our youngest son, his wife and Ana, my precocious three year old grandaughter have been viviting from Utah all week. (Love ’em to death but a three year old is not content to sit and try and stay warm,…we even had to take her to the beach for a very short visit, plus hit all the indoor malls and MacDonald play houses to let her run off steam. But they are packing today and off to Utah on the 9:30 am plane sanity returns and our cats, who havce been in hiding under the bed since three minutes after she hit the door last week will finally be able to come back out and curl up on the couch without fear of a terrorist attack from a three year old. Back to normal,aaaaaahhhh!

         Picked up a new account today, fianlly, and it has been a “bad turnover” so far, lack of cooperation, the Board has been dragging their you know what to sign the contract, and I met with them yesterday and they had several little mickey mouse , nichol dime changes they wanted to make, AGAIN, so I completed them this morning and pick up all the records from the outgoing manager this afternoon, and do nothing until they sign my contract. I just have a sort of “funky feeling” about handling them, so it may not bne a long engagement. I’m also filing charges against one of my former accounts for breech of contract next week as well. (I tried to be a nice guy, but Christmas is over, back to the mean old business of business!

        Sorry folks but this will have to be short, the digits are slowing down due to the cold and I have to go set another sofa on fire to keep warm 😉

       Things will be back to as close to normal can be by monday and I’ll pop out another blog for you, but for today,….adieu


“It is time to be old, to take in sail”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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