Posted by: guinness222 | June 1, 2011

Just a post Memorial day thought

While I’m thrilled to see the respect and honor given all our troops, their families and the entire military complex I can’t help but think back to late 1969 when I received my honorable discharge from the US Navy  after 4 1/2 years of service to my country. Viet Nam was winding down, and politics were raging,…and veterans were sort of a “non-person” to everyone back then. The pride of wearing one’s uniform off base or off ship was always very strong with me, and a number of my mates, but you soon realized in the 60’s it was like Lady GaGa wearing meat. It was considered bizarre. You were not supposed to be making a “display” of being in the armed forces then,…despite the fact that we were doing the exact same thing as todays soldiers sailors and marines,….preserving, protecting, and defending YOUR rights and freedom as an American.

(sigh) Alas another time, another world,..(but I am personally still damn proud to have served my country. I figured it out, 7 1/2% of my entire life on earth so far was given freely to that cause,…and aside from my wife and parents there were very few who ever understood or even muttered a “thank you”.

That is the beauty of generations, they do learn, they can change, and they do evolve to a higher level. (They may lose a lot of common sense from time to time, they may not be as deeply rooted in a faith of a Higher authority, but it appears they love parenting, love sharing, and who knows they may just surprise us all and be a better generation than we were.


“Youth is easily decieved because it is quick to hope. — Aristotle

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