Posted by: guinness222 | June 10, 2011

“Friday, TGIF day,….yea God”

Been a long week, ending today , which by the way is my 44th Wedding Anniversary (to the same woman I might add!). So we are going to dinner at our favorite Italian Restaurant “Fat Clemenza’s” (Watch Godfather I, you’ll get it.), with some dear friends who lived here, moved away, and have moved back (smart troopers I say.)

Anyway, season, summer time family vacations, are picking up, the idiots are all over the road. (If it’s tourist season how many can I bag?) Sorry, gut instinct, like finishing your beer!

Friend Sims, (sims) Where are you? Drop a line.

Well I’ve been putting it off major league, but last night before we packed it in my wife turned on that series “Hoarders” on the TV, gross, but the comment that my office (“the pit”) was fast becoming and “on-screen opportunity” was offensive and my feelings were hurt. So this morning I came upstairs and “objectively” looked around and tacitly agreed with her premise, and have vowed to work on the place this weekend. (Might need a large man and a small boy to haul the stuff to Goodwill!)

It’s my “stuff”, maybe because I was not from a wealthy  family and everything we have I bought and paid for and why not “hold on to it”. I mean really red and white plaid slacks will come back,…..eventually! But I have to agree I am a “techno-junkie” and if it is electronic and has come out in the last twenty years,….it’s in “the pit”,…..somewhere!

Well it’s not that bad, but I did register as a “seller” on e-Bay, as opposed to just a “buyer” (It’s a philosophical argument, “time to give back” sort of thing. It will take a couple days b ut anyone looking for an “original” Palm Pilot I, or the first “non-obese” Blackberry, or one of the very 1st Sprint EVO Droids (personally it sucks, if you are fifteen, addicted to facebook and twitter, maybe you’ll like it,.. I ran so freaking fast back to B’berry and then to Apple for the I-4 you would not believe, Guinness is still seeing if it is a world record.)

Plus the Computer “stuff”, three archive boxes of cables and connectors,…hell, my computer guru calls me when he needs a cable ….for other customers!

BUT, if you “live on your computer” for business or whatever,…check out Pandora. It is the best site in the world for music. I love basic “ambient” music as background when I’m working, like now, (well not really working but “soothing the savage beast” as they say) and you can chose just about any genre you want, and it randomly plays them. If you don’t like a selection you just click the thumbs down icon in the small window in the corner of the screen and you will NEVER hear that song, and most like it again. It’s part of what Pandora calls the “Human genome Project” (Could make a great suspense novel where the evil software firm is determining the deep music levels of it’s customers and planting subliminal subconscious thought in their minds and waiting for a level to call for a complete overthrow of the world governments and the automatic installation of “Ford” as the supreme leader.) The way the US is going it might already be time to flip the switch,…but that’s political BS and I’m not going there today,….tomorrow maybe, but not today.

Anyway, got to go get ready for dinner, have a glass of “water” (I understand  that is the stuff that comes from the kitchen faucet, sort of like the stuff that washes dishes, but “better” according to my wife,…..better than BEER!!!! No way!)

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for the next entry to this “compendium of deep philosophical thought and other trivial BS” written for the ages. God help the poor archeologist who recovers my hard drive and postulates I am “typical” of 21st century Homo Sapiens.


“There is only one happiness in life,…to love and be loved.”   – George Sand

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