Posted by: guinness222 | March 6, 2013

Am I the last American standing??

When you grow up and become an adult American, you realize the awesome commitment you have to BE an American. The old expression “pay it forward” really is “the American creed!
Just as my great grandparents watched their children leave Ireland for America, knowing full well they would most likely never see them again, they knew they were prepared and would do what they had to to make a better life for their never to be seen grandchildren. And those grand children would do their level best as they took on the mantle of commitment, and brought forth my great grand parents great grandchildren, and the next generation of great great grandchildren, and then their great, great great grandchildren, and now my children are bringing forth their great, great, great, GREAT grandchildren,…but it is beginning to falter!
Commitment is turning into entitlement, welfare, and the work ethic is turning into the unemployment ethic and the “We can do it” attitude, is turning into the “you owe me” attitude!
There is no Cavalry to ride in and save us, there is no prescription we can get and fill and tomorrow we’ll be all better. That is totally depressing to me.
At 68 I still have enough time left to watch this whole country falter, slow, stagger, drop to it’s knees,then simply collapse under the crush of their own ignorance, their own obesity, and their own stupidity!
The only way to overturn an oppressor is to stop paying them! While my taxes are not high considering the waste and abuse of MY money, the deceit of the “promises” made to me for faith and support of the US government,and the back room dealings, stealing and gross perversion of our Constitution, I believe in America!!

More later, have to go work out and destress!

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