Posted by: guinness222 | November 18, 2013

Ok so what’s wrong with the “Average American”? Gettin’ too many freebies to care anymore? got a “Why worry about it, the government will take care of it!”, or “Not myproblem, the government has to take care of it,…not me!”
Guess it’s true you are stupider than even I thought you were!!!
This is your country your children’s country, and your grandchildren’s country,… so how freakin’ stupid or ‘suck’ed in’ are you?
I live in the “old” America, where we “made this country great”,…not sucked off the teat of this country!
I’m too old to “traditionally fight” for my country, but where do I go to support it tohappen!
We’ve insulted and alienated allies, we’ve adopted a “stupidity” policy in our legislative brain dependance, a “whatever”, but don’t rock the boat or piss off the “management” policy. I am going on 69 years ld and I am disgusted with the “government response” to ourproblems!
More foodstamps, more medicare, and more socialism will not cure our ills!!!
The FEDeral Reserve has screwed this country, cheapened our dollar to a 60%, (if that) level, played Santa Claus 24/7 to the folks
who want to be decent, law abiding, gainfully employed American citizens!!!
We are AMERICANS, tasked with the responsibilities and OBLIGATIONS of our Declaration of Independance, and our Bill of Rights!!
Where are you in our hour of need in this country,….make your decision,…BE AN AMERICAN,,…not a “welfare whimp”.
Thank you.

A Patriot from Boston

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