Posted by: guinness222 | January 1, 2014

“,….and then there was LIFE!!”


Back for number two , while actually #1 blog for 2014.
I was watching a quick thing on facebook about a thing called “”. It’s a photo project for everyone and it’s easy. I am so , sooo tempted to try it, just for the reality of the concept.
Everyday, for the next year (365 days) you take a picture, doesn’t have to be with a “super camera”, a cell phone is fine, post it with a brief (I suggest 25 words or less) comment about “why you are grateful”, for the subject matter of the pix, and see what happens. It could be a whole new world of people that are touched by it, a whole new outlook on YOUR OWN world over the year, or whatever else “floats your boat”.
I suggest, that memories are really “who we are”, what goes on in our heads and ‘sticks” in there influences us far more than even we can understand OR even remember. This is a “positive” project, and opportunity for those of us who are cynics, calloused to ‘feelings’, and the like, to actually be forced to put on a pair of “Rose colored glasses” and really SEE the world we live in,….and possibly even begin to appreciate it more.
Not a bad objective for 2014, anyone interested in trying to keep up with me? (I may be 69 in February, and I may be one of those “calloused guys”, but I’m beginning to believe that change can be made.
AND I want to see change all over the world!
Want to take up the challenge? How long does it really take, maybe a minute? You got 1440 of them in a day, can’t you share ONE with the rest of the world?
Check out the web site “”, and let me know if you are in, or out.

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