Posted by: guinness222 | March 13, 2014

Spring Break is here!!!

       Thus far it has been relatively calm at Signature Beach. The big school in this past week was Texas,…and despite lots of school spirit they were very welll behaved.

       The building continues to improve, (with loving care from Patrick and Charles!) While I hate to say it we have “…miles to go before we sleep.” The recent freeze here, a real rarity for Florida, split a gasket on our back flow preventer, (the six inch pipe sticking up out of the ground, over two or three feet and then disappearing back into the ground in front of the building) we had to have that fixed as it was leaking quite a bit.

       With two exceptions we inspected all the units in detail for safety, unusual conditions and as we will do every year from here on, replaced all the batteries in the smoke/fire detectors in the units completed. there were a few anomolys that we are currently checking out, more later. Image

      Brad, our BachServices guy and I had met just before Christmas and at my request, (and John Smith of 301’s suggestion) deployed another six feet of “dune fencing” to help further build the dunes and sea oats toward the gulf for additional protection, and the look of more of a naturla look. Asof today they seem to be doing the job and there is new growth and more dune,…..YEA!

     Just a quick update,….stay tuned as they say and check in often. We value your opinions, and are really trying to make Signature Beach the jewel of Destin.

Tom Corcoran

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