Posted by: guinness222 | March 20, 2014

“What’s it all about,…..(who the hell is Alfie?).

Only kidding, I’m getting to be so old even I knew Alfie!
Anyhow,…it’s finally warming up here in “sunny” Florida,….but COLD as being stuck in the ice cube collector box in the freezer section of the fridge. But it’s March 20th, the sun is shining, the college kids are all here littering our beaches, drinking their weight in cheap beer, and trying to hustle any girl walking by,….(sigh) another busy “Spring Break”. Then we get a break for a couple weeks until the “Family” crowd starts invading. Forget trying to go to a restaurant, a Pub, or even grocery shoping. Even with Walmart open 24/7 they are still out there, causing accidents on the road, hanging out of car windows yelling at everyone passing by, and generally proving that,…”..the lifeguard has left the gene pool”.
An old crumudgeon, or just a cranky old man I’m not sure.
Doctor, (Cardiologist) tells me yesterday I’m wasting his time, five years after a triple bypass and my heart seems to be in great shape,…”Don’t bother me for at least another year,…OK?” Not a problem for me Doc, the way THANK YOU!! (Even though I have to go through a “stress test” next month, ….you want to see a “real stress test” tag along on one of my days at work!!)
Got the internist in three weeks, ( Doctor, ‘You have to lose weight, and drink less of anything but water’,…..right,…shoot me now,…don’t torture me, it’s against the Geneva Convention or something.
New rule for eating correctly,…with enough beer even I can choke down broccholi!
Sigh,…end of March,…aside from all the rest of the seasonal stuff and all comes the dreaded APRIL 15th, tax day.
Just a brief comment on my campaign for President. Anyone over 65 years old has paid their dues, and taxes, so the rest of your life you get a pass,…no tax returns required, and enjoy whats left and thanks for the contribution to our society!
Well enough prattle for today, got a meeting at three o’clock today and then a relax session before going home to crash for the night.
“Ta-ta for now” – Snagglepuss (Check him out on google.)

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