Posted by: guinness222 | March 22, 2014

Saturday, in the trenches,….you’d think it was the first of July….

Always loved Chicago, as well as a lot more of the groups of that era. But today I am just plain disgusted with our country and our world.
So many spineless, mindless,and useless robotic humanoids where they were once the very small minority,now they are the great mindless minority.
Our sense of the great American dream today, is foodstamps, welfare, endless unemployment compensation, and the freedom to do nothing,….because the government will take care of things.
Where can I go to become a proud American again? Some ex-pat community in Mexico, a “hole in the wall” type hide-away like Butch and Sundance, “Galt’s Gulch” as in Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, or a 40 foot sailboat where I can just roam and remember that which we lost, gave away, and abdicated,…for political correctness and collective idiocy!
If this is progress we are seriously all mentally ill. Get off your butt, get educated, get motivated, and get successful. WE ARE ALL NOT EQUAL, and that’s a fact Jack We were all CREATED equal, but that’s where your own self determination and inner “guts” takeover. That’s where YOU determine what you are, who you are and why you are, how much longer can we allow this nonsense of “dependance” on the government to poison us. and to go on? While I would like to see myself as a leader, I know that leadership is all about being a “servant leader”, not a pompous, or imperial leader, which seems to be todays standard. Maybe I am a better soldier, than a general, maybe I’m a better sailor, than an Admiral, but I can assure you I will be the best soldier, sailor, tinker or tailor I can possibly be,….that’s my inner me, my “prime directive”, and it should be everyone’s.
Guess I should just go to the gym and do about5 miles on the treadmill, and stop “thinking”
One more anecdote. There’s a guy I met a few years ago, mid 50’s, from the upper mid-western part of the US. He comes to Florida for the winter, been doing it for the last several years. He used to be an employee of one of the “Big Three” car firms that MY country bailed out to save his ass. He traded 40 hours a week of his life, for “X” years, grabbed a healthy retirement and spends his winter here in the sun, drinkin’ beer, tipping poorly, looking for the “2fers” at every restaurant he goes to, and probably snatching some salt and pepper shakers for the table in his rental unit,..(sigh).
I love discussions, the more heated and controversial the better, but this guy has a typical democratic humanoid attitude,….and not a single opinion!! When we are discussing anything the best he can ever offer is “Just glad to be here”.
That kind of apathy is worse than being a radical. That kind of attiude is what caused our revolution,….perhaps the time has come again!!

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