Posted by: guinness222 | March 24, 2014

“Monday , Monday,….”

Here we are,….Monday again!!
So what’s new,….who cares? It’s Monday,…back to work, more problems to handle, more questions without answers!!!
THANK GOD for Monday night!!!
Like really, Life s a short journey in a long timeline of “life”,…thus sayeth “the boss” ( Ces moi”).
All the radar and facilities of all the governments of this planet, ….AND almost 14 days later,…you really think this plane is flying?….DUH. No disrespect intended, but face reality!!
AND while I’m at it, What am I, (or can I), do about it?????
So what’s happening in the world.
Post tomorrow,…whenI can understand the world today,….getting tooo old for this shit!!.

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