Posted by: guinness222 | March 31, 2014

k,…I’m officially declaring the citizens of the United States as STUPID WIMPS!!

Harsh statement,…so give me rebuttal!

The “deadline” for Obama care is unenforcible, the regulations of private enterprise, the “rights” of the free enterprise insurance companies, is “non-negociable, the “right to choice” is now government regulated,….and the Constitution of our country is being not just trampled upon, but trashed and thrown in the dumpster!!
The technological progress we’ve made as a nation is HUGE,…yet we are giving it up to the “global village”. Our leadership has been resigned,…to a damn “neighborhood organizer” stewardship. Our rights are under fire from 360 degrees of direction,…..and the vast majority of our citizens are more concerned about the date they receive their welfare check, their unemployment check, their food stamps, and their “Obama phone”, … than the protection of their individual “rights”, and MY rights, as citizens of the United States of America!
It’s getting harder and harder not to go back to my home city of Boston, and just walk the “Freedom Trail” again and see what our forefathers put “on the line” to give us today,….and then join the “Sons of Liberty”, to get it back.
Maybe it’s the ambiance of the birthplace of liberty, subsequently bred into our genes , as Bostonians, or our constant exposure to the “reality of the liberties” that our forefathers fought and died for,….but it is real within me!
It’s also the ignorance and complete complacency of my fellow citizens of this great beacon of freedom and the spirit of liberty, that we call “America”, for EVERYONE that is being trampled by the “prevailing” command level of my country.
Time to go to the gym and take my frustrations out on the machines, for God knows talking to “regular, voting Americans” is a lost cause!

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