Posted by: guinness222 | April 28, 2014

Reckon we are in deep Kim Chi with the current state of affairs

As an Irish American, of almost 70 years of age, I tend to reflect, remember, and research, myself, my roots, my innerfeellings, and my deep seated concerns for both my children and my grandchildren. (No great grand children yet, thank God, feeling old enough already!)
So where are we as a country, (in serious decline), as a people, (in serious denial), and as “one nation under God”,…..(seriously FAILING!!)
It pains me to have to pen that,…but reality is the delusional politics and actions of MY country have been ‘bought’! For the price of a virtual forever “work-free, but get paid” environment we sell our souls!
(Sorry , not me, I am a small businessman,…we can’t AFFORD to stop working, our wives, our kids, and our country, such as it’s been denigrated too, depend on us.
Don’t tell me about “green” business, don’t tell me about “socially responsible business”, don’t tell me about “collectively responsible businesses”, …..and don’t even talk to me about “wealth distibutive” businesses, who ‘owe’ more to the rest of the people!
Read ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand,…REALLY READ IT, don’t “fan” the pages at a local bookstore, one of those places that sell books, (not just “Cliff notes”)).
I am an American, who carries a copy of MY Country’s Constitution and Bill of Rights in his briefcase EVERY day! (And guess what? I’ve read it, believe it, and understand the perversity to which into it has been drawn into today.)
As an American , of Irish descent, I have grown up with the ‘bonds of history’, and the blood of REAL Patriots of the 20th century of my ancestors country, in my soul. I understand the “lure” of something for nothing, the suckling teat of the State to overcome our adversities, and the angst of the need to discern which is which, truth or fiction.
Unfortunately it is virtually impossible today because of slick “PR”, creative artistry, and verbal jousting of demagogues, who “govern by paycheck”,….”You’re getting a check,..suck it up and support the team”.
And to those who don’t have a paycheck,..”Here’s a check to ‘help’,…remember where you got it.”.
NEVER, and I mean NEVER, in all capitals, have I been so disillusioned with my country, it’s leadership, and it’s direction!! This will probably put me on some “watch list” or other such bureaucratic mechanism, as a “to be monitered” personna. But you know what?
I don’t care,…I was an enlistee in the U.S. Navy and spent almost 5 years , during the Viet Nam “conflict”, (when one (1) American dies it is no longer a ‘conflict’,…it’s a freakin’ WAR!) We signed up with the full and present knowledge that we did what our country needed, where and when they needed it, regardless of our wants, desires, comfort levels or political agreement!
Sorry , I’m old fashion, and love the “Don’t tread on me!” flag. That WAS the American attitude for centuries,….until “free money became the ” rule of thumb”, and government support the “RIGHT” of lazy, ignorant non-patriotic ‘citizens’ of this country.
“Freedom is worth more than food stamps and you’re flesh and blood to the all knowing OZ, who seeks to enslave us!!

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