Posted by: guinness222 | June 18, 2014

Oh well, World Cup time again,……YEA!!!!!

I’ve always been the “odd man out”, and frankly I don’t care!
Take sports for example, I love the World Cup, I love the America’s Cup, but baseball, football, hockey golf, tennis, and basketball,… oh well day, when that’s all that’s on TV.
WHY? you ask? Because the World Cup, and the America’s Cup is a “non-commercial” (in that none of the participants are paid performers) it is a personal pride and representing your country.
OK, I know that is the Olympic’s as well, but there are too many different “activities”, too many different areas of “boredom” to be able to “latch on to it”, and be a “REAL FAN”.
Not so either of my sports, (although I do regret the end of the traditional 12 meter monohull racers, in favor of the “tech boats”. Anyone who has ever sailed realizes the 12 meters were meant to be “sailed”, not “technically driven” to the finish line.
But the World Cup? Four, count ’em, years of national prode, individual work and pride, and 30 days of nothing less than the most “intense” activity, level playing fields, and perhaps the most intense “FAN” participation and committment, not to mention expense, of support known to man.
I am an overachiever, WHEN I want to be, and that’s why my wife’s most frequent comment in the 47 years we’vebeen married is, “You overdid it again!!”
Life is either passionate, or it’s a total bore. I was not born with money, I made a couple of million, lost a couple of million, and still have a mental passion for the “tastes of life”, the joy of pursuit and competition, and the THRILL of infecting others with that joy and desire for more.
I aam Christian, to wit Roman Catholic, but have my own mind and thought and belief process.
My claim to fame is very simple, “INDIVIDUALITY, AND STRIVING FOR THAT WORTHY OF STRIVING”,…nt the money , not the fame, but the achievement, the personal joy and satisfaction, and the inner satisfaction that I AM ME.

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