Posted by: guinness222 | September 2, 2014

Irish Pubs, …means big troubles for “less than Irish folk!!

I’ve always believed in the “Pub Life”. That said I’m not talking about sitting around for six hours a day and drinking,…but “savoring” a well poured ‘pint’, watching the determination which the Stout has to maintain it’s head ’til the very end, aaaaah that is a savory pint.
But there is far more to an Irish Pub than a pint o’ guinness. There is an attitude that infects all the patrons, it’s nationalism, patriotism, and ….PRIDE for being who we are, (be it American, Irish, or any ethnicity, ..but what is our “core”being an humans who believe in something better for everyone,….or in the case of this country, these days, how we “used to be”.
If I were the Commander -in-Chief, I’d very simply, pull all the powers of this great nation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, together, with marching orders to simply” find the bastards,…NOW, not tomorrow , not after “media conditioning”, not after a few public opinion polls, but F***in’ NOW, and by the way ,…OBLITERATE THEM,….NOW!!!
We need to begin, again, to TRULY BELIEVE this country is great, and in fact “exceptional”. As the old 1945 serial flicks of “Flash Gordon” used to say,….”Savior of the Universe”!!
If it’s up to me,…. “let’s do this”!!
It’s not an ideological argument, not a philosophical ‘debate’,…or an “intellectual equality” situation,……it’s about Stone Age idiots dragging us back to 2014 BC vs. 2014 AD.
As a veteran of the US Navy, and a proud American,….the fact is, that we ARE at war,….let’s do what we do, as the greatest country in the world, founded on the idealistic imagery of 1786, (which was sooooo correct for the centuries ahead),….and “JUST DO IT!!”


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