Posted by: guinness222 | September 13, 2014

Who is John Galt?

Many years ago I read “Atlas Shrugged”, this classic piece by Ayn Rnd. I got to it through another of her great works called “We the Living”, (also a fantastic book).
Last year my wife and I were looking at the local theatre’s “Pablum”, and I noticed “Atlas Shrugged Part two”,….the rest is history. We went, it was GREAT, and my wife thoroughly enjoyed it as well. If there is a “part two”there must be a part one,….which my trusty ‘puter and I tracked down, and bought a copy on e-bay. Since that fateful evening I have bought another of Part One, and a couple of the Part Two. We’ve eagerly awaiting the third and final ovie, which we went to see last evening.
Before my comments on that, I must emphatically say, screw the school lunch program, all the b/s federal education and “common core” crap ,…and just let me teach a full year course called “American Capitalism, the REAL foundation of the American Dream”. There will be one text book, “Atlas Shrugged”, and the course will be tough,….for those expecting ‘to each a good grade regardless of their participation.
No wonder at 70 I am getting increasingly more disgusted with the direction of my “Socialist” nation. Watching regulations crush business AND dreams, watching discriminatory taxing kill business, entrepreneurs, and the entire hope of our once great country.

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