Posted by: guinness222 | July 6, 2015

Me, and my silly sports!

Well, I’m almost recovered today. Yesterday evening I watched one of my top three sports loves, the Womens FIFA World Cup!! It was so great I was crying by the fourth minute in, and just watching in awe for the rest of the game.
Ladies, you did the most fantastic ob of demonstrating American Exceptionalism I’e ever seen,…and a humble “Thank You” from a loyal fan.
This is why we are “exceptional”. In a 90 minute game, it sums up many years and decades, and even three centuries of exceptionalism.
If there is an American over 20 years old that is not on the same page I am,….please become an “ex-pat”, or better yet an emigrant from MY country,…we really don’t need you!
This is the fifteen moonth window in which we as Americans can decide our destiny for the next five years. Time to “Take back America!!”
Enough “political correctness”, enough fabricated racism, enough arrogance and selfish personal bullshit which is symbolic of the “me” generation.
The only place a “community organizer” belongs is in the service for a four year “hitch”, and on the front lines with ten bullets and a Bible! Sure does change your perspective on “who’s got you’re six?”
Sorry, I’m ranting a bit,….so I’ll stop and just post this for your enjoyment of an “old fart” who really cares about turning our country around and promoting accountability!!

Pardon the spelling issues, haven’t figured out how to get the “spell-check” to work correctly!!

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