Posted by: guinness222 | July 8, 2015

You live by the sword,….you die by the sword!!!

Not that I am a conspiricy theorist, nor a wacko,…..But consider the three things below and talk to me, or at least comment on my piece.

1. The Chinese stock markets chock big time and start shedding value while we are till sleeping here in Florida,….let’s say about 1 A.M. (Last quote I got waas it shed over THREE TRILLION dollars or more than 8% of it’s value!)
2. United Airlines had a “computeer glitch” which resulted in a temporary, BUT 100% “grund stop” of it’s entire fleet. (“Ground Stop means nothing can move, not a single plane. thus blocking ALL the gate in all the United Terminals,…”where you are is where you is gonna stay”…pretty soon the “coffee, tea , or an adult beverage” will consume the entire supply of the aircraft, and then who knows wht they do.) There is a reason to drink at 8am Dorothy,….thank you Lord,…after all it’s “not so happy hour in China”.
3. Then about 11:32a.m. Eastern time ( New York, Washington and Miami time) the New York Stock Exchange announces that “Due to a ‘technical ‘glitch’, they are suspending the trading of all stocks until they can correct the “glitch”. Coincidentally (Gee, but twenty minutes later they issue a bulletin that it is “….Not a Cyber attack. As I write this it is going on three hours later and a “new alert” says the “it plans to open the market back up between 2:45 and 3:00 pm this afternoon. (It has also passed ovr the wires that the Exchange started “cancelling” almost 700,000 orders that had been placed prior to the closure and were unfilled.) Oh and a footnote the wires also indicated the FBI, SEC, CIA, and even President “Obummer” were watching the “glitch.
4. And as a “so what?” the New York Times web site also went down for a while this morning as well.
Not that I am a conspiracy theorist as I said,… but the proper ettiquette for today is ,….” Hhmmmmm!”.
Stay tuned tomorrow for MY opinion on the “facts” that we are given as to what happened and why we are all totally safe and secure.
Pardon my cynicism!!

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